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My name is Bruce Williamson.  Since writing is often so full of misdirection and false leads, I've decided to have one place where my life is an open book.  The BN seemed like a good place for this. 

In common with most tale-spinners, I don't always tell the truth.  However, on the BN it is pretty much the real thing, sometimes exaggerated, sometimes cloaked, but basically my life as I lived it for good or ill.  Most of my lies here are apparent ones -- obvious exaggerations for fun or effect.  The rest are labeled as Fiction or flagged with clues to their lack of truth.

The basics about me are below.  If its more than you want to know, ignore it.  If you want to know more...

Just ask me and I'll only tell you a few lies.

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Writer
Dream occupation: Wealthy Writer
Hometown: All over the damned place
Schools attended: Too many to waste the time trying to remember them all.
I like: Happy endings -- or at least not totally tragic ones.
Favorite writers: Clyde Edgerton, Orson Scott Card, Heinlein, and many others too numerous to mention. I like any writer who captures my imagination and makes me feel that I have to finish the story at hand.
Favorite books: All the ones that I want to read more than once. Lieterally hundreds. There is a lot of worthwhile literature out there.
Favorite newspapers: USA Today -- its got the best unbiased nationwide sports coverage.
Favorite magazines: Most science fiction magazines, Baseball Digest, Consumer Reports, Sterophile, and whatever else I can afford at the time they hit the newsstands.
Favorite music: Jazz, blues, 50s and 60s R&B and rock, some classical, and most decent instrumental music.
Favorite movies: The African Queen, Starship Troopers, most decent science fiction, about 500 westerns including most of the hokey old John Wayne flicks, slightly fewer war movies, animated flicks, & some avant garde.
Favorite TV shows: That 70s Show, Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes, old sit-coms, anything to do with baseball, and UNC basketball games. I'm sure there are more, but they're probably cancelled by now if I liked them.
Favorite teams: Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons, and Red Wings in order. Plus the University of North Carolina Tar Heels till I die.
Favorite quote: "It ain't over till its over." -- Yogi Berra
Gender: Male
Religion: Protestant
Political affiliations: Democrat because no other party that stands a chance of election comes closer to what I believe in.

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