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Ok, First The Clinician in Me Shall Explain Who I Am:  A Single, 57yr. Old Amenrican Male. I Am a Liscneced Drug and Adolesant Counslor. Working In Los Alamitos, Ca. I Have a 27 yr. old Son and a 25 yr. old Daughter. I Am a grandpa of 5. 

Who I AM.  I Am Blood Bought and Born Again in Christ. I am a seer, his poet, and His War Horse. I Understand His Voice. I Hold His Heart. I Stand in these days of Battle Against: Pricipalities, Powers, ruler and hosts of Spiritual Wickedness. I Have Many Infallible Proofs such as Photos of Devils, demons, principalities of Wickedness., I Also Have personally taken photos of Holy Angels that Recue Me In Daily Battles.

I  am Hoping to Publish the following Books:

If Scares Had Voices: a 260pg poetic book That Is Eye Opening to the Souces of Spiritual Battles that afflict us Physically.

Echoes of Sin:  Is My Life Story that did flow out of my heart as a Poem.

Heaven UnDone :   Is a colabrative set of poems that address, Mediations, Healings, Deliverance, Hope and Love In Christ.

This Book Has Complete Biblical Stratagies to battle the whoredoms of hell Victoriously. By The Word.  Gods Heart Flows In Loving Poet Forms, And After Writing what the Spirit of God Says, I Said "Lord these words, these concepts Must Be In Thy Word. Or These Words that Flows are Not Of the Spirit of Holiness, But Deceptions 1/2 Truths.  To Find After The Write Gods Word Shined His Light So Bright.. These Books all Deal with real Life Issues, And Identify The Real Spirit Realms Wells Gods, Satans and My Carnal Mind.

Have Other Books I am Working to get Published as Well.

United States
Primary occupation:
Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Dream occupation:
Living It Now
Orange, Ca.
Schools attended:
Katella, High
I like:
Playing the Guitar
Favorite writers:
The Holy Spirit
Favorite books:
Ephesians, (Bible) The Whole Word
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Favorite teams:
San Deigo Chargers of course
Favorite quote:
"take away those filthy garments from him..see I have removed your Iniquity
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