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My real name is Robin Peters, and I've been writing, off and on, for several years. I wrote for Written By Me and Themestream until they went under (hard to believe it's been several years already that TS has been gone), and I currently have a number of articles on a consumer-oriented site called Epinions.com. I haven't written there for some time - but that's because I haven't been able to think of products to review. I haven't shut up yet, nor do I care to stop writing for the foreseeable future. (I don't intend to stop writing as long as there is money in it, at any rate; I'll keep blogging and writing on Epinions.com until the money dries up.)

My primary purpose in writing blogs on Blogit is, quite frankly, to earn money for being creative. I'm in a considerable amount of debt, and the more I can earn for writing (without having to deal with editors), the better. (As a transplant recipient, in my line of medicine, rejection is a bad thing. It connotes the loss of a donor organ rather than an editor telling you your article isn't acceptable, and that's why I'd rather avoid editors. I don't hate editors - just the connotation of the word rejection and all its negative transplant-related baggage.)

The rest of my life: I'm married with one youngster (hard to believe she's almost twenty four going on fifty; she's one of the people I plan on paying back out of the proceeds of my blogs, with your cooperation, of course). I also have bipolar disorder, the subject of an entirely different blog, should I choose to write about that topic. (I could tell some hair-raising episodes related to the bipolar!)

I've actually written posts on several blogs as of this writing, but these blogs are the ones I've invested the most time and emotion on: one on my personal 9/11 hero, Mychal Judge, and another blog entitled I am here, and I am not silent, about some of the relationship issues I've dealt with and seen others deal with. I would like to thank those of you who have been kind enough to leave comments on my blogs; these comments have been uniformly positive. As long as I receive such overwhelmingly positive feedback, I will continue to write in my blogs regularly. I would just ask that if you criticize my writing, please suggest ways for me to improve, and I promise to take these suggestions into account. (If I don't always take the suggestions you offer, and change my writing accordingly, it's often because I'm receiving contradictory signals from a number of comments. It's nothing personal, I promise.)

I have several other blogs in the hopper right now. Not all of them get updated on a regular basis, but I hope to do so in the future.

Thanks again for reading my blogs, and enjoy the ride!

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Homemaker
Dream occupation: Writer
Hometown: Midlothian, IL
Schools attended: Elmhurst College (BA in psychology), Bremen Community High School in Midlothian IL
I like: writing, my two cats, crocheting, reading, spending time with my family
Favorite writers: Arthur Hailey, Constance Cumbey, and occasionally Stephen King
Favorite books: Taber's Medical Dictionary, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow
Favorite newspapers: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times
Favorite music: Classic rock (ABBA and Neil Diamond are special favorites)
Favorite movies: The Shawshank Redemption, Alive (among others)
Favorite TV shows: ER, Emergency!, Good Eats, Star Trek: The Next Generation,Law and Order
Favorite teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs (and yes, I'm a South Sider)
Favorite quote: "Record casualties - my wits, as in frightened out of" (Leonard McCoy, MD, ship's surgeon, USS Enterprise)
Gender: Female
Religion: Roman Catholic
Political affiliations: None now, but I have Libertarian leanings

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