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I started thinking ~ why in the world would anyone want to know, and what would they want to know about me? I am a normal, well, sometimes, person who loves to write, go camping, hiking and rockhounding. I love climbing mountains, but can't grow a houseplant. I have oodles of grandchildren, and kids who roll their eyes and say, "OH, MOTHER", pleaaaaseeee. My husband is awesome, and supports my every little quirk, just smiles and says that's my gal. I have a temper, and would just as soon, call the pound on anyone who mistreats an animal, as to look at them. I love this earth. I feel the life in the trees, and I am a mountain person. I was not raised in the mountains, but my soul lies in the mountains. The desert has its' qualities also, but is not my cup of tea. I do have one very strong belief. I believe " Just as the gifts have been given, so shall the bread be given too." In other words, make use of what you have. Everyone has a gift, even if it is only their smile, use it and the Great Spirit, the Creator of all, will provide. There maybe times when you wonder, how will I ever make it thru, but you will. I prefer to call the Creator the Great Spirit, not because of heritage, but because if you look around -- and see, really see, not with only your eyes, but with your heart and soul, that only the Greatest Soul, or Spirit could've created this awesome world. That is my belief, yours maybe different. But then, you are entitled to your own opinion, everyone is, and no one, has the right to judge you or me for the way we believe, or live our lives. There is only one judge, and until the day that Creator is met, that judgemental thing should just be left up to the two of you-- you and the creator. So, as long as you don't intentionally hurt someone, you should be allowed to life as you see it. and if you do intentionally cause hurt, then you will have to answer for it, if not in this lifetime, then in the next one. Because I do not believe that any one can learn all the lessons needed to be perfect in just one lifetime. Have a wonderful day, and may the Angels of love, and safety ride on your shoulders. Now, you know about me.
Location: United States
Primary occupation: commercial driver
Dream occupation: writer/poet
Hometown: temple, texas
Schools attended: graduated, Rider High School -- a long time ago
I like: anything to do with nature
Favorite writers: i read anything I can get my hands on,
Favorite books: National Geographic
Favorite newspapers: nix
Favorite magazines: state magazines
Favorite music: country and oldies rock
Favorite movies: dirty dancing, sound of music,
Favorite TV shows: Happy Days
Favorite teams: Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos
Favorite quote: take only your memories, Leave only your footprints
Gender: female
Religion: Baptist
Political affiliations: none of your business

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