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It's two of us - using ggXpress as our voice - and we use our artist names: genio & genia. We found/discovered these names when we lived in Spain (one in the dictionary: genio - and invented the other one: genia - because o as last letter in names means male and a means female in the Spanish language).

We're born Norwegians - the land where the nature is so strong and, the wee-folk, elves, fairies, trolls and other charming monsters and ghostly creatures, are so many that it's an insult to them that humans occupy parts of the land (maybe it's therefore we left Norway? As a respect-act for the dignity of the world of spirits?). We're not into any religions but, we're spiritual and philosophical about why we're here in this world.

We live in London, UK, of many reasons, and find life here satisfying. Yes, we could have been living everywhere else, but ... but&but, we've been many places around, in different parts of the world, and have found out that we're here because we're here (without stretching that philosophy (truth?) so far that we can't live nowhere).

We express ourselves in different ways. We see the source of expression as a source that can be expressed in many ways, many forms, and when we found Blogit we got this at-last-feeling. Could this be a place for our fight&fun with words?


Location: United Kingdom
Primary occupation: artists
Dream occupation: artists
Hometown: Norwegian villages
Schools attended: primary (of course) and had to continue ...
I like: yes, we really like. It's in fact a natural gift.
Favorite writers: it's too many to favour - too many (?) good writers
Favorite books: as writers - also books
Favorite newspapers: ups and downs
Favorite magazines: yes, also ups and downs - depends on our egos that day
Favorite music: as writer&books - also music
Favorite movies: as writers&books&music - also movies
Favorite TV shows: we don't have TV
Favorite teams: ups and downs
Gender: female&male
Religion: philosophy&spiritual
Political affiliations: ups and downs

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