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Read the Linda Goodman's decription of a Saggitarian. It is me through and through.
Primary occupation:
Not roaming around the world as per my wish.
Dream occupation:
Roaming around the world as per my wish.
Any place with my family and me in it.
Schools attended:
Oh yes! I have been for more than a decade at school.
I like:
Favorite writers:
JKR, Enid Blyton, Margret Mitchel, Jeffery Archer, Dan Brown and last but not the least me and my special one.
Favorite books:
Harry Potter Series, Gone With the Wind, Da Vinci Code,
Favorite newspapers:
The ones with easy crosswords, sudoku and "Loop the loop" game in it. Yes with Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Animal crackers and many more cartoon strips.
Favorite magazines:
Any and Every Magazine, I just love 'em
Favorite music:
I'll be there for you
Favorite movies:
Sound of Music
Favorite TV shows:
Favorite teams:
All the team in which I and yes my special one's there.
Favorite quote:
Be Happy And Make Others Happy
God's Gifted