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I'm all about family and ~


I cherish Life - what all it brings. 

Every path I travel is meant to be and I will go forward

accepting everything, crooked - straight - narrow or plain

and / or simple exciting!

I feel it's all about birth, growth - life and death.  Cycles.


I enjoy 'writing' - poetry - gardening - trekking -

many outdoor activities except

sports - they make me nervous

(competition can make people do strange things).


I like learning new things always ~

meeting people - listening, learning and


I love animals and nature -

Creation and Nature are a wonder;

splendor and Majesty are bliss ~



I enjoy reading here as well and

I urge many to Write on for we're all here to

write ~ sometimes to just overcome the blahs,

stress, to fill an empty void, to communicate

or to hone skills.


Yes, I have been published a few times in various

"anthologies" ~ I would like to publish one more if

not a few more works when I get the 'quality' time

publishing deserves.


I once judged poetry for a contest site on AOL ~

my name(s) was NOVLErne (judge) or

CEagle as a writer on the site. 

I wrote and then helped edit and such

on the Helium.com website

which no longer exists...


I dabble in art - sketch - play around with mixed

media.  I like photography as well ~


I don't write well of myself...but I do feel I am

very blessed and have led and lead a very full

life.  I'm rich by all the gifts I have and receive.


I like to have 'fun' and laugh often - I hope always

and have a strong 'faith' with-in my Belief. 


along with

A dear loving, husband



my family, 2 sons and 2 daughters -

2 step-children, son and daughter

2 son-in-laws & 1 daughter-in-law

A grandson (7yrs) and Granddaughter (16 yrs)

Granddaughter (3 yrs)

and newest Grandson (2yrs)

and 2 dogs 


All, bring me much joy and the full

realm of what life has to offer -

I'm rich ~




C Elyse G


Elyse(ian) of the Texas Fields


(Elysianfields - Ely - El - EE -

C Elyse - C E Goulden and even,


United States
Primary occupation:
Domestic Engineer
Dream occupation:
can't decide - maybe when I grow up?
Texas City (near Galveston Texas)
Schools attended:
mostly Parochial Schools and then onto University and College (s)
Favorite TV shows:
I like the animal planet channel or Turner Classic Movies (B&W)...or the weather and sometimes FOX news
Favorite quote:
The poetry of earth is never dead ~ John Keats
I Believe ~