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A few unrefutable facts!

Born: 1942

Place of birth: St.Albans, England.

Education: B.A.Political Studies and Post-graduate Teaching Certificate.

Profession: Teacher (retired since 2002).

Ambition: To write a book that deserves to be read.

Country of residence: Denmark most of the time since 1972.

Nationality: British. Although I prefer to call myself a world citizen.

Family ties: Ex-wife, mother, grandmother and sister.

Interests: Languages (English, Danish, French and Esperanto.), creative writing, my Danish blog, voluntary work and a masochistic  interest in current affairs. I spend a lot of time using my computer to debate etc with all kinds of people all over the world.

Music: classical and folk music from all over the world.

Literature: Catholic in taste. Everything from Harry Potter to Pride and Predjudice, and a lot more in between.

Favourite food: Fruit of all kinds.

Character: Perfect.

The last mentioned being highly debatable means that I've run out of unrefutable facts!

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I have spent many hours writing my contributions. Some of them have been in the pipeline for years. Please respect these as my preciously created private property.

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Primary occupation:
Aspiring writer
Dream occupation:
Inspiring Writer
Favorite quote:
'I'm a simple man and I use simple materials' L.S.Lowry 1887 - 1976
Jewish (liberal)