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I think it's a good idea to know a little about the person whose opinions you may be reading. After all, your worldviews may not mesh! Wouldn't you hate to get interested in following someone's efforts and then discover that the person you thought was a normal, sane, run-of-the-mill Joe is actually an axe-murderer doing 250 years for wiping out half his neighborhood?

I'm pretty much a normal, sane, run-of-the-mill Jane. Your average "thirty-something" woman -- whatever "average" means. I was married for almost five years and have been divorced for almost five years. I have two sons. I am the Executive Administrative Assistant to two of the principals of a property management firm.

My worldview is predominantly Judeo-Christian. I'm from the American South, which gives me "a whole 'nother" perspective. Believe me, it's a whole different country. I spent two years living and working in the North, and it was like moving to Azerbaijan. Different language, different manners, different everything. Even the hamburgers were different.

I'm an editor, writer, proofreader, layout designer -- even when I don't have a formal job. I have this "thing" about proper use of the language, and listening to newscasters mangle it makes me crazy. I teach CPR and AED, and I think everyone should learn those skills. I like to watch birds and have a "nature center" in my backyard. I suffer from horrible allergies; I have eczema, and I am fat. One of these days, I might do something about that. I had both my children at home (on purpose), and I think homeschooling is a great idea---I do it with my kids. I read voraciously, pretty much anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Sorry, no axe-murderer here. Just an average single mom, trying to live an average life and hoping to interest people and provoke a lot of thought.

United States
Primary occupation:
Administrative Assistant
Dream occupation:
Editor for a Publishing Conglomerate
I like:
bread and butter... I like toast and jam....but I hate rice cakes.
Favorite writers:
all of them...see my Reviews blog for details
Favorite books:
too many to name....again, see my Reviews blog.
Favorite newspapers:
The Wall Street Journal is the only one I read with any kind of regularity
Favorite magazines:
Reader's Digest, World, US News and World Report....
Favorite music:
oh, I dunno. I'm pretty eclectic
Favorite movies:
Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones.........
Favorite TV shows:
what's tv? Seriously, I seldom have time to watch, but when I do, CSI, NCIS, Amazing Race, one of the Apprentice-type shows, or PBS's Mystery! series are usually pretty good.
Favorite teams:
The Gryffindor Quidditch Team; the Olympic Figure Skating and Gymnastics Teams
Favorite quote:
Nahum 1:7; and "No one can make you feel inferior withour your consent." (E. Roosevelt)
female, duh!
Mostly Protestant