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I was born in 1964 in Reedsburg Wisconsin. I was raised by mom.

I have five siblings; I am the second to a twin sister who was born six minute before I was. My mom didn’t know there we’re two of us. She had known She wanted to name her daughter Julie, Then along came me, when the nurse handed me to my mom she told her to be careful with this one she is precious, and then the name Jewel Came to her . Any ways that’s how the story goes.

One of my siblings was adopted out when I was only two years old. My mom was on her own with a four year old son and two twin girls at the age of two the decision was a hard one for her to make I’m sure and we all knew we had a sister that never came home. She recently found us and it’s like we have known each other all our lives.

 I live life on the road full time in an rv. I have three children, Jenny is my oldest, and 24 she is married they have a son my first grandchild his name is Austin he is five years old. My middle child is Jennen She is 22 and is separated from her husband they have two children my grandchildren, Emma is four years old and her brother Is three his name is Ethan. My youngest child is john junior He is twenty years old and is lost in his own world of drugs and all the bad things that come with it. When he was thirteen I did a very hard thing. I was raising my children on my own and he was becoming impossible to handle so I let a family adopt him. They moved him to Tennessee they also couldn't control him so he ended up in a boy’s home but when he became eighteen he came home.

I am a caregiver at heart and have done care giving for 23 years. Seven of those were in the Adult foster care home that I owned and operated. During my time of having this care home I became lonely only having children and elderly to speak to so I started a group for caregivers, this started me writing. I would help people with advice on how to handle different situations.  I wrote a poem that was published in a care giving paper. But recently I got an Idea for a book. I could no longer work as a caregiver due to a back injury so I started creatively writing. The book I am writing is one most wont approving of as its an Adult Fantasy story. Im having fun with it and my husband is giving me so much encouragement. 

However my spelling and grammar are less than desirable so I got some books on writing. One book is from Natalie Goldberg called writing down the bones and it has definitely shown me that just writing articles is the significant part, the rest will follow.

My dreams for my future are to write a column for traveling magazine maybe even rating restaurants and RV Parks all over the United States and I would love to also right something about care giving and how to effectively handle different situations and or determining the right care for your loved one. Plus I will be finishing my adult fantasy book. 

I would love to get a new title the brilliant writer! 
Location: United States
Hometown: Oregon
Favorite writers: I'm a writer and a reader I give them all a try.
Favorite TV shows: american idol
Gender: female

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