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Greetings Blogiteers!

My name is Carl Peter Klapper.  Much has changed since I started blogging here, particularly financially and with my career.  I have two books out and more on the way.  Check out my GoodReads profile for the latest.  You can order my books online through GoodReads, Amazon or Target, to name a few.  Though they are ordered online they are real, physical books you can hold and thumb the pages of.

Artistically, I come from a long line of brass players on my mother's side.  I play trumpet and French Horn.  My namesake grandfather, Carl Peter Peterson, played cornet and was friends with the composer Erik Leidzen and arranger J. Harold Gustafson, amongst others.  I have sung basically from birth and played Nana's miniature pump organ early on.

Ethnically, my mother's side of the family is predominantly Swedish, by which I mean that they came from Sweden to America, but not all of the lines had been in Sweden all that long.  My father's side is much more mixed and one part of the American side is of unknown ethnicity on account of the British having burned the church where the records were kept and because the family name (Cowl) is suspected of being a shortened or misspelled version of similar sounding family names of the period.  The Klapper name is from my Jewish forbears who emigrated from Galizia.  My paternal grandmother's(Nana's) father emigrated from Devonshire, England and her mother was from varied American stock. That great-grandmother was a Cowl and her mother was a Sherman with a great-grandmother who was a Delano.  When asked my ethnicity, the best response is my father's: "I am a mutt".

C. P. Klapper

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Software Developer
Dream occupation: Architect, Author, A Sage of Independent Means
Hometown: Yorktown, NY
Schools attended: Grinnell College, Carnegie-Mellon University
I like: Singing, Chocolate, Autumn, Seashore, Church Bells, Writing, Children, Sailboats, Lighthouses, Foghorns, Hiking, Camping, Playing Horn and Piano, The Brooklyn Bridge
Favorite writers: A. A. Milne, Dostoevsky, Hardy, Shakespeare, Yeats, Dylan Thomas, Pushkin, Kit Smart, Dickens, Mark Twain, Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, Thomas Gray, Housman, O. Henry,...
Favorite books: When We Were Very Young, Idiot, Return of the Native, Sonnets,A Shropshire Lad, Kidnapped, Ivanhoe, The Bard, The Gift of the Magi, Under Milkwood, The Second Coming, ...
Favorite newspapers: The Washington Post, The Onion
Favorite magazines: The Atlantic Monthly, Architectural Digest
Favorite music: Wagner, Kenton, Bach, The Doors, Mozart(later works), Beethoven,...
Favorite movies: The Sound of Music, Doctor Zhivago, Amadeus, Sophie's Choice, Sleuth, The Usual Suspects
Favorite TV shows: Peter Pan with Mary Martin, Twilight Zone, Family Guy, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Radio: Prairie Home Companion, Jean Shepard, Sundays at the Metropolitan Opera, My Word!, Bob&Ray
Favorite teams: A-Team Fool! (just kidding) Underdogs, Cinderella teams
Favorite quote: The question is this: is man an ape or an angel? My lord, I am on the side of the angels. -- Benjamin Disraeli
Gender: Male
Religion: Christian-Episcopal
Political affiliations: Popular Capitalist

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