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I am your grandmother, abuelita, who loves you unconditionally, thinks that you're funny, witnesses your kindnesses and sorrows over your failures.

I read your blogs and don't always leave a 'having read you' trail. I love the variety here. Some of us are unreal here and that is fine. Some of us are too open here and that is fine, as long as no one gets hurt.

Blogit began as fun, turned into an obsession, a writing contest or fishing for readers race and then it all became too much and I had to step away.

Now, I pick up Blogit like a magazine, read my favorites first and then troll for newness, fresh air, new ways of thinking and or writing about this old world. I don't always agree and that doesn't keep me from going back to read someone again. I am not looking for eHarmony here.

My favorites know who they are, many are gone now and that is okay, too, except for those writers which were taken away from me suddenly.

I rarely write or call anyone on earth, so you'll hear from me as often as my family does.

Keep on trying to be the best writer that you can be. Reading helps with that process, so don't just read your own blogs and think that you are done here.

Sometimes, I just like hanging over the garden fence between hanging up laundry loads on the line and stopping to gossip a bit. Talk to me, keep me posted on what I miss, I appreciate the help. I'm old and forgetful, so don't expect me to retain much, however.


Location: United States
Primary occupation: clay folk artist
Dream occupation: book writer and illustrator
Hometown: Tucson
I like: words and pictures, art materials and grandchildren and dogs
Favorite quote: Just because you're miserable, it doesn't mean that you can't have a good life.
Political affiliations: idealistically mired

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