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i write just to write. not to get praise, not to show off, not for anyone else but me. it's my outlet. like playing the guitar. the only people that will ever hear me play are my kids, husband, and God. i get a lot of grief over my lack of punctuation, and the fact that i rarely if ever capitalize anything other than the words God and Jesus. because frankly i am happy when i find the time to even write why slow myself down and waste precious time on something as trivial as an upper case letter? however God and Jesus...well for them i will give a few extra seconds, i'm thinking they kinda earned it. i have an associates degree in fire science and worked as a firefighter/emt before i realized that as much fun as it was, i would rather be home with my kids. i am now a stay at home mom of four boys. i also take care of my grandfather who has dementia and lives with us full time. these five are my full time job. so writing is just my way of letting go and staying stress free.

United States
Primary occupation:
caregiver/stay at home mom
Dream occupation:
i'm doing it
wheatland, ca
Schools attended:
wheatland high school, yuba college
I like:
music. music. music.
Favorite writers:
it would be easier to write a list of who i don't like
Favorite books:
miss peregrines home for peculiar children, girl parts, all of the harry potter books
Favorite magazines:
rolling stone
Favorite music:
i love it all. but for the most part i tend to stick to indie rock.
Favorite movies:
a love song for bobby long
Favorite TV shows:
go on
Favorite quote:
dreaming is free- blondie