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In my Blog is my thoughts, my Ideas,my Poetry, and life story unfolding. I am 38 years old, a single mother of two boys ages 18 and 16. My 18 year old is in the army now, my 16 year old is in his junior year of High School. I live in the small city of Lincoln IL.  I am trying to establish myself as a writer and publish my life story. I have lived without enough food at times, though my children have never went hungry, I have lived without any water at times, or electricity, because I didn't have enough to pay a bill. I want the world to Know that in the United States, we have a form of peace and freedom that other countries don't have, but even in this rich Continent we still have poverty, due to Opression, Society and our Civilization structures, such as capitalism and forms of laws and government, And Mainly our culteral Structure. They all reflect our view of humanity.  I have tried to break this culteral trend, by helping others,I speak out against Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, I help with the elderly, I do some volunteering on many fronts.. such as donating blood when ever I can. This allows me to heal my own wounds, and calm my own lonelinss feeling  of feeling unloved, and cherished. My poems and songs and stories give Voice to many that have undergone what I have undertaken, Hence A Voice In the Crowd and Spanish Poetry....I hope you enjoy everyday what i share with you ....A piece of my soul...
Location: United States
Primary occupation: Health Care
Dream occupation: Creativty,writing
Hometown: Lincoln IL.
Schools attended: Funston Elementary... Kevyn Park H.S....Midwest Tech. Capital Area..Heartland to name a few.
I like: Poetry, Music .Arts and Crafts, Reading etc. News-current event,history
Favorite writers: Many...Edgar Allen Poe,Shakespeare, John Grisham...to name a few..
Favorite books: Too many to list, But any thing amuses me comedy, drama, fiction ,Non Fiction , Mistery
Favorite newspapers: Dont have any favorites
Favorite magazines: Dont have any favorites
Favorite music: Country/ classic/ Rock/ oldies/ contemporary
Favorite movies: Dont have any favorites
Favorite TV shows: Dont have any favorites
Favorite teams: Dont have any favorites
Favorite quote: The Hunger for Love, is much more difficult to remove, than the Hunger for Bread.{Mother Teresa -1910-1997}& MY LOVE IS FOR ALL ETERNITY.{A.E.A}-A Dedicated Devotion for the Eyes, I Admire
Gender: Female
Religion: Non Trad. Catholic
Political affiliations: Wash My hands of this: just politics.....

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