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Rare Ribbon Seal pup I captured for a research project in the Bering Sea.
The Arctic Ice Pack
Robert G. Williscroft

Robert Williscroft's antics at the South Pole
At the South Pole
I weighed and measured the Ribbon Seal pup, clipped its ear, and let it go.
The Arctic Ice Pack
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The Dead Hand

USS John Marshall (SSBN 611) USS Von Steuben (SSBN 632) USS Ortolan (ASR 22) - Catamaran Submarine Rescue Vessel

The Chicken Little Agenda:
Debunking Expert’s Lies

The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking Experts' Lies
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USS John Marshall (SSBN 611) USS Von Steuben (SSBN 632) USS Ortolan (ASR 22)
USS Pigeon (ASR 21) - Catamaran Submarine Rescue Vessel NOAA Ship Oceanographer in the Equatorial Pacific NOAA Ship Surveyor in the Bering Sea ice pack

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USS Pigeon (ASR 21) NOAA Ship Oceanographer (R-101) NOAA Ship Surveyor (S-132)


Nuclear Subs, Submarine Rescue & Research Ships

Six patrols on the John Marshall as a Sonar Technician, and four on the Von Steuben as an officer – a total of twenty-two submerged months. Navigator and Ops Officer on Ortolan & Pigeon – Submarine Rescue & Saturation Diving ships. Watch and Diving Officer on Oceanographer and Surveyor .


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