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“I Am Many Things…No ONE Thing Defines Me."                                     

What I love the most about life is the buzz you get when two (or more) hearts and minds really click...(and I'm not just speaking of 'relationships' here).

Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I feel disgusted with the world. But rarely do  I cry.  Discovering and revealing the Voice of the Soul, which continually speaks to us all, is what makes me tick.  And is also what led me to walk the 'long dark tunnel'  which I have yet to discover a light at the end of. 

However, after 23 years on the journey I have finally stopped searching for it.

I believe my pain will draw me closer to the light.    

Primary occupation:
Writer & Student of Soul Awareness
Dream occupation:
Sydney & Nowra
Schools attended:
Secondary, Tafe College & Wollongong University {UOW} NSW
I like:
Writing, Music, Singing, and Researching History, Science, Nature & Spirituality
Favorite writers:
Rod McKuen
Favorite books:
Rod McKuen works & "Hinds Feet On High Places" by Hannah Hurnard
Favorite newspapers:
None...too many ads
Favorite magazines:
None...too many ads
Favorite music:
ALL music when played at its appropriate time and place
Favorite movies:
"What Dreams May Come" and "Forest Gump"
Favorite TV shows:
Documentaries, True life stories, World News
Favorite teams:
Teams of like-minded individuals sharing a Soul connection.
Favorite quote:
If a God didn't exist it would be necessary for humans to invent one.
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