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Hello, and thanks for accepting me into Your (now Our) Special World. I had no idea I would enjoy Blogging so much, especially after a rocky start. I work as a cop and my nickname is "The Whammie"; which someone stretched to the WHAMENATOR, but I know it makes me sound kind of macho, especially since I enjoy spectator sports, but I am really quite feminine.

I am not typical, and very often I fail to fit in! I completely understand that I was an "ordinary person" who screwed up here and there before I was given a badge and a gun, and I never abandoned my civilian outlook on Life. However, often it is hard not to be cynical, skeptical, untrusting, and jaded. What is even worse for me, is that I am not widely accepted on the inside for my "hippie-like" attitudes, and on the outside, so many people hate The Uniform.

My job is to help people, and I do so to the best of my abilities. I write good reports, so that if you are truly and legitimately victimized, there is a high likelihood that the offender is TOAST! Truthfully, I like much of what The Job has helped me to become, but even one of my instructors told me that from the start he thought, "Why is she here; she doesn't fit in?" I wanted to earn $1 to a man's $1, rather than the national average of .76 to a man's $1, and I wanted benefits.

Every day, I think of how to reinvent myself, in the private sector, most likely doing something hospitality-related. I suppose I can try to publish my cop stories, as well. I want to get out of the cold winters of Cleveland, too!!! I have stayed here because of my Dad, but when Dad is no longer here, I will resign and move to a year-round warm climate.
Besides, I am too smart, beautiful, charming and sexy to make my living by risking my life every day!
Finally, I shamelessly posted my breastseses on a MA blog, to gain acceptance, and it worked!  I love you all, members of the Blogit Nation, so please forgive me for using my boobies and my sexuality to intially gain friends!!! I genuinely hope everyone eventually likes me for me, and especially for my sense of humor, and my heart!!!
Thanks to Scriber for my new nickname, Whambo. And thanks to Mark2556, to Ariala, and to Passionflower for helping me learn to photoblog.

P.S. Thanks to my new Blogger friends, when that time comes (probably not until the next 4 years) and I make that move, I will not be completely alone, wherever I land!

P.S.S. I have a photo posted on Ariala's Blog page.

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Cop
Dream occupation: DIVA
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Schools attended: Ohio State University; Cleveland State University
I like: Fine Wine, Fine Dining, SEX!!!!!, Living LIFE as an Adventure w/o too many rules
Favorite writers: Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Louisa May Alcott; Brothers Grimm
Favorite books: "Laugh and Live"; "Little Women"; "Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales"; "They Died Crawling and Other Tales of Cleveland Woe"
Favorite newspapers: None here in Cleveland! We have one paper and a few Alternatives
Favorite magazines: Playboy (I seriously read the articles!), Cosmo, Fitness, Shape, People
Favorite music: R&B/Old Soul; Reggae; Rock-Soft & Classic, but a little OZZY & stuff, from back in the day); Jazz; Blues; Latin; Classical
Favorite movies: Nuts, Big, Ten Little Indians, Pretty Woman, Braveheart, Rocky, Willie Wonka, Animation, Anything Boris Karloff
Favorite TV shows: Seinfeld, Bewitched, The Flintstones, Boris Karloff's Thriller, Lost In Space, Everyone Loves Raymond
Favorite teams: I am confused, b/c I like the Indians, the Red Sox, AND the Yankees
Favorite quote: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Gender: Female
Religion: I am Spiritual
Political affiliations: I HATE POLITICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I VOTE INDEPENDENT, FOR THE BEST OF THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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