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  I just turned 30 in December and have lived through a life full of hell, of love, pain, sorrow, tears, passion, ecstasy, heartbreak, beauty, loss, intricacy, fear, hate, acceptance, ignorance, tolerance, laughter, despair and blessings.

   Eeeek!! Where do I begin...again, on many different levels. Yes, here I go again on this crazy merry-go-round interpreted as life. It's unbelievable how much a person's life can change in a year's time! I am attending college in Wisconsin for early childhood education, a state I no longer want to be in thanks to the guy whom I thought was "the one." Stupid me for thinking that way. Really, I don't even like Wisconsin, never have. Honestly, I have never really cared for the midwest at all for a myriad of reasons. Yet, I cared deeply for and was even madly in love with this man, mad enough to move to Wisconsin. One of the crappiest parts of this whole thing was that I started going to college for technical communications and after one semester of me being there, they decided to cut all of the communication programs entirely so I switched, I had no choice, and that really sucked! 

    Beyond that, I have lost 97 lbs over the course of the last 2 years and 8 months all on my own with a little guidance from my doctor , changing my eating habits and lifestyle 180 degrees and working out on a regular basis. I have never been a small girl. I have 20 lbs to go to hit my goal target weight!!!  I am so proud of myself for that! At the beginning I had borderline high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. I no longer have any health issues, lots more energy and have learned to love my workouts. It took tons of work, a few setbacks and lots and lots of dedication. For me, this is and has to be a life long commitment and change! I went from being, at my heaviest 287 lbs  (I am not quite 5' 7" tall) to my current weight of 190. My goal is 170, I went from a size 26 at my heaviest down to my current size of 13/14.   Anything is possible!  I did this strictly for myself, not for a guy, not for anyone other than me and my health.

    I love to write...anything; poetry, short stories, things about myself. I have been writing since I was 8. It is a passion of mine. I also picked up my guitar again after not doing so for 7 years. I also love to volunteer and give back when and where I can. Lately I have little to no time for myself other than the time I make. I loved being on blogit when I was for a few months in 2010, but got to wrapped up in other things and somehow forgot about myself. So now I am back and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Because now, this is ALL about me and my needs, wants and the desires of my heart.

   I really do hope all of you who read my blogs here enjoy all that I have written and am about to write. Writing is my form of therapy, whether it's good, bad, ugly, sorrowful, unbelievable, horrific, comical, loving, words of desperation or hope. No matter what it is or what it's about, it's all purely me and true to my life.

"beauty first has to come from the inside before it can shine on the outside."     

And believe me when I say that regardless of ones size, background, religion, etc...  everything, absolutely EVERYTHING that bleeds from ones heart and soul onto paper or into a blog is beautiful!  So all of us that dare to write our thoughts and feelings of our soul are intricately and stunningly beautiful!!  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR BEAUTY AND WORTH!!!

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Babysitting and going to college
Dream occupation: Writer and Photographer
Hometown: Small town in Iowa
I like: Photography, poetry, art, music, seeing things through the eyes of a child, the ocean, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, cooking, playing guitar, singing and love writing
Favorite writers: Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Poe...the list would probably go on forever if I let it.
Favorite books: The Notebook, A walk to Remember, The Freedom Writers Collection, Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Anything poetry, there are lots of books I like.
Favorite music: My tastes are extremely eclectic. Ranging from music of Phantom of the Opera, Chris Tomlin, Elvis, Lenny Kravitz, Eminem, Prince, Bette Middler, AC/DC,
Favorite movies: Freedom Writers, The Notebook, Dead Poet's Society, The Ugly Truth, Poetic Justice, Dangerous Minds, just to name a few.
Favorite TV shows: Discovery Channel, History, TLC when I can. I haven't watched a tv show in its entirety for a few months now.
Favorite teams: Texas Longhorns, Dallas Cowboys and the Iowa Hawkeyes!!
Gender: Definitely Female :)

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