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I graduated from Brooklyn College after a journey with Shirley MacLain on her first spiritual journey. "Out On The Limb"

Writing has been my companion for as long as I can remember. The first things I ever wrote were my personal experiences. I was too shy and never showed my writings to anyone but family, until after I graduated from College. I only shared impersonal writings like school papers, public reviews and work that I was paid to produce.

I want to write full time, all the time, but as of today have not been able to make that transition. Sad but true

I have come to realize the glorious miracle that is given to us every time we open our eyes in the morning. The ability to see all those amazing things we see and take for granted. But I had to suffer greatly to get to understand the joy that is life.

I wish for everyone to experience joy in life, but not to suffer so greatly in order to comprehend the beauty of the moment.

That is why I will tell my tale and hope that someone will learn from my pain and not have the need to venture into hell in order to appreciate heaven.


United States
Primary occupation:
Researcher, Investment Opportunities
Dream occupation:
Writing, writer,
Brooklyn New York
Schools attended:
Brooklyn college
I like:
Life and all it has to offer, I love to bring people up when they are down.
Favorite writers:
anyone who writes good stuff.
Favorite books:
too many to list
Favorite newspapers:
Do not read newspapers any more
Favorite magazines:
most of them.
Favorite music:
Anything but Rap Music will do
Favorite movies:
Movies that have something important to say.
Favorite TV shows:
for now its "The Good Wife"
Favorite quote:
Today is a Gift
not into it