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Hello Inter-Web readers...

I'm Strange Desire, and I came to the cyberspace with the intention to make a little difference.

Everyone has a strange desire, unknown probably, but more likely hidden ones.

Here I am to express mine and talk about other ones, It's not my intention to change the World yet, but if I start making some difference in your minds, don't hesitate and let me know. It don't matter if you think black or white, it won't matter if you are for or against, what matter here is our reading.

By the way, I love reading and that's one of the main reasons I'm here, I love books, though they're very expensive these days... So the web is the place to be now, it's cheap, environmentaly friendly (no paper wasted), and fast. Some of my favorite writers are Stephenie Meyer, John Grisham, Stephen King, Pablo Neruda, alittle of J.K. Rowling, something classic like Mark Twain, Mario Vargas Llosa and some others.

I love Music, it's my home. My favorite artists range from U2 to The killers, Coldplay, probably some electronic music like Tiesto, and never forget my latin roots with the sound of good bands like Cafe Tacuba, Los Amigos Invisibles, Soda Stereo... and some many more.

I'm a husband and a father, I have a pretty nice, quiet and peaceful life, I share it with my friends and now I want to share with the world. I'm a teacher and in my free time I play rock with a band. I draw comics and obviously...Read.

I want to write about my life and the life of the others around, I want to express my feeligs and share them,Who knows? Anyone could sympathyse.. I want to express my thoughts and opinion about the system that rules and about my interpretation of life, Why not alk about movies, books and music too? Just anything is worth writing about isn't it?


Location: Mexico
Primary occupation: Teacher
Dream occupation: Rock Star
Hometown: Mexico City
Favorite writers: Stephenie Meyer, John Grisham, Stephen King, Pablo Neruda
Favorite books: The Testament, Runaway Jury, It, Twilight, and others
Favorite magazines: Maxime
Favorite music: Rock, Pop, Latin...almost all kinds
Favorite movies: Immortal Beloved, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones' Movies etc.
Favorite TV shows: Supernatural, ER, Two and a half men, Heroes..etc
Favorite quote: " Change keeps us moving on..."
Gender: Male
Religion: Love
Political affiliations: Justice

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