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Hi my name is Trish but alot of my friends call me shorty and my angel calls me Small fry  lol/ im 29 years old but i got like 3 months before im the big 30..im livein in Tatamy Pennsylvania but was born in Jersey. I have two gorgous angels one is 5 and the other one is 2. i have pics so you can see how precious they are (look in pics or look above).. i also have a pic of my sweet angel my nana and his nana n god sent back to me and i am so happy in the relationship department....the other department like life..well that could be better. I have been trying for the past 5 years almost to become my own boss so i can work out of my house so i can watch my 2 angels grow up into young ladies.... of course Totteaanna my oldest thinks she miss queeny of the world top drama queen lol.... it is so hard to get up n go to work knowing its going to su*k but i do it so i can get my girls what they want. i also became a mommy to my sweet angels kids...i never though it would be so hard to take care of 3 other kids that dont listen well the youngest can get away with it cause hes only 1 but then agian no he cant cause hes at an age where he understands..his daddy justs lets him get away with sh** the same with Jordan and Mady... the other two one a boy..6 the other a girl..3 or is going to be 3 or maybe 4 oops dont remember... well i do it because i love my sweet angel Dean he has such a hugh heart n such a hugh amount of love for me i love him dearly even when i m ticked off at him..i cant stay mad at him for too long his my other half of me the other half of my heart  my soul hes def my everything n then some..... it just su**s i cant give him a son or daughter because of my condition..tell more later just ask me.. i love to write poetry as you can tell lol i like writing stories,horesback riding,hiking,fishing,taking pictures,being outdoors...when its warm hehe,drawling.being creative,and lots more..dont want to bore you now...i love listening to my honey sing n play the guitar...think i spelt that wrong..o well hehe..i love animals,im an awesome person once you get to know me unless i get a negitive vibe when i first meet you ...well thats all for now hehe ,,,you can really get to know me and my life by just reading my poetry....have fun reading and thanks to all who compliments...
Location: United States
Primary occupation: Wal-mart
Dream occupation: Be my own boss n to be a runway/ clothing Model
Hometown: Poconos n Jersey
Schools attended: K-5th: Middle Smithfield Elementry, 6-8th: JT Lambert, 9th-12th: J.S. Bunnel n East Stroudsburg High School(old one) 9th-12th:Monroe County Area Vocational-Technical School For Culinary Arts
I like: Wrote it in my bio (Above or below where ever its located lol)
Favorite writers: Shakespear,Edgar Allen Poe,actually too many to list hehe
Favorite books: anything poetry,romance,scary,real life,and the list goes on
Favorite newspapers: none i dont like to read...well may a few like US The Key Pocono Record... Got my poetry published in the newspaper for saw creek.but the most of it theres too much sadness going on in the world
Favorite magazines: poetry,business opportunities..not the scammers i hate them,and so on
Favorite music: Linsey Haun(Broken) from Broken Bridges,Rascal Flatts,country,mainly all
Favorite movies: almost everything....if it catches my eye then i watch it all the way,Serendpity,Broken Bridges,Black Beauty..much more
Favorite TV shows: Dont really have time to watch lol..Work at 6pm till 2 am n the rest of day im either cleaning tryin to catch up on ZZZ or chasin after the kids....
Favorite teams: dont know right now
Favorite quote: Practice Random Kindness And Senseless Acts Of Beauty, Live Life Like It is Your Last..Before You Become Apart of The Past,more later
Gender: Female: I look young
Religion: N/A
Political affiliations: Most of the time i dont think they know what they are doing......

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