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I am an old lady who has written for years.

Life got into my way several times and the writing suffered.

But now I am 73 years-old and disabled, retired and all that.  So I have picked up my pen once again and am determined to try my best.
My work appears all over.  Just google Sherry Asbury to see what you find.
Right now I am reconnecting with our local homeless newspaper street roots.
It is published and vendors can sell it for $1.00 each to help make a bit of money.
There are articles and poetry and much more. 
..Of course, I can use a few dollars myself - disability doesn't go far.  I had heard of Blogit a long time ago and decided to try it.
I will offer writing services at reasonable prices.  And my work will appear here.
My  email is:  shrrasbury@gmail.com
Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
I will offer editing and "ghostwriting".
Best to you all,


United States
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I like:
Johnny Depp, Netflix, my cats, all animals
Favorite writers:
Dean Koontz, Steven King and many others
Favorite books:
too many to mention
Favorite newspapers:
street roots
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National Geographic
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Sling Blade
don't talk about