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I am a mother of 2, a boy and a girl and they are my world.  Everything I do I do for them, seriously! I am lucky enough to be able to be there for them 24/7 and for that I am very grateful. They get my full attention whenever they need me. 

My personal views about myself is that I am very courageous & head strong! 
  • I mostly act as per my desire and is not much concerned about the results. I also have the habit of speaking as I want to without thinking of the impact it can have on others. Thus not having many friends because people can't take negativity well (as can be expected normal).
I am a Sagitarrius so i went to look up a bit on my true characteristics etc.

Sagitarrius are restless and tend to bore easily. They need to be outdoors and they love to travel. They love having a good time. They tend to be on a constant search for adventure and new ideas. They get bored around people who are not usually spontaneous like them. They do not hesitate to give an honest opinion and when sometimes this may seem rude, they are never meaning to be mean. They have a good sense of humor even when the going gets tough. They prefer to be the boss in any situation, and usually a tendency to speak first and ask questions later. They are always full of energy with great bubbling personality and enthusiasm.  

Sagitarians have a passion for sports and exercise (thats why you will also find me soon in the health & exercise section). They love good food and may sometimes feel like going on a diet, a natural gambler and a big risk taker but they usually always come out on the winning side. They love music, art, dance, and have a lot of talent in these areas. - I love all music with a great good beat to dance to and of course any music that makes me feel good! 

Furthermore I found:
Sagitarrius is pleasant, friendly, outspoken and very talkative. Her forthrightness comes from the fact that she has no illusions about the world. She sees it exactly as it is and says what she sees. At times, you may wish that she were not so honest. But then, she would be like any other girl, wouldn’t she? In all probability, you will not like it. A Sagittarian female is very optimistic, but she is not irrational. She will judge the entire situation as per the facts, analyze its probable outcome and still believe that things will get better. Usually, she is very calm and composed. However, when you become rude to her or offend her, she may become like the fire-spitting dragon.

Sagittarius women are quite independent and love their freedom. They are attached to their family, but not too much. If you want to get something done from a Sagittarian female, just ask her; don’t order. She will never ever do it. She is your better half and don’t you dare forget that. On the other hand, she doesn’t want a sissy for a husband or boyfriend. He has to be a real man, who has his ego and won’t stand for nonsense. So, you will be expected to balance politeness with firmness.

Sagitarrius is very enthusiastic about life and trusts easily (yup that is very true and sometimes my downfall).  In fact, this extreme belief makes her heart vulnerable and defenseless. It gets broken too often, but then, she knows how to move on with life. She is very sentimental and emotional, though it seems otherwise. It just that, where her feelings are concerned, she becomes too shy.

I cannot stand sloppiness, cannot cook very well but loves baking. Although it stated that I can be calm and composed there are times where i get very aggressive especially if it concerns feelings of the heart or I get attached personally.  I also do not have much patience.  

So thats a whole heap about me!!!! I guess you are very sorry that you clicked on My About me!!! lol

Primary occupation:
Mother & homemaker
Dream occupation:
Professional Dancer
South Africa
I like:
Music, dancing, playing squash, playing tennis, swimming, tanning, eating, drinking, laughing!
Favorite writers:
Lee Child, Tess Gerritzen, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Marian Keyes
Favorite magazines:
Shape, YOU, Woman's Health, Cosmopolitan
Favorite music:
Too many to mention
Favorite movies:
Too many to mention
Favorite TV shows:
Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Do you Think you can Dance, Desperate Housewives etc.
Favorite teams:
Rugby team is Sharks - South African team!
Favorite quote:
Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.