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My name is Mary. This is my second Blogit account, I wanted to start fresh.

As I am in life. I will be divorced before the year is out, 20 years of marriage I am grieving. Not only the fact that part of life is over, just the fact I failed when I gave everything. So much so, I must find who I am now.

For, without my family I am truly lost. Everyday IS a struggle so thanks for stopping by and giving me something to look forward too.

Keep it real, but PLEASE keep it kind. (KIR~KIK)


courtesy, connects

kindness, keeps

smiles, spread

~M A Lindsley-Kilgo


United States
Primary occupation:
Dream occupation:
Schools attended:
9 different public schools growing up WOW!
I like:
peace, love and kindness!
Favorite writers:
Ann Rice, Robert Ludlum, Stephen King, Sandra Brown, Janet Evanovich, J.R.R Tolkien +
Favorite books:
WOW! Not enough time or space
Favorite newspapers:
What's a newpaper~ local paper~ LOL
Favorite magazines:
Favorite music:
Random, anything once, twice if I like it!!
Favorite movies:
Again any kind. Depending on company and our moods.
Favorite TV shows:
Just started The Ranch! LOVE IT.
Favorite teams:
Was the panthers, until everyone started leaving. Do not know who my team will be next year!
Favorite quote:
Life is only what you make of yourself...Everything & Everyone else will be.. M. A. Lindsley~Kilgo