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25 Random Things about me

First written on January 30, 2009 at 7:17am

(1) Two decades ago, I rode a one speed bike to work every workday. 
(2) I had many many accidents with my bike. Rarely did I get hurt. 
(3) I have only average interest in music. But I have more than average interest in musical friends. 
(4)I think it's better to, whenever possible, pay a little bit more to repair a broken appliance than to throw it in the trash. 
(5) I wish everyone had the proper perspective for easy happiness. 
(6) when I was 3 or 4 years old, I attempted to jump over a slab of freshly poured cement. The workman who pulled me out took me home. My mom screamed when she saw me completely covered with cement. 
(7) I've learned many tricks to overcome boredom. I have an unwarrented reputation for being extremely patient. 
(8) I started First grade when I was seven years old. This gave me an advantage over the other kids. 
(9) I believe that always being nice, even to those who are not nice to you, makes it much more likely that everyone will be nice to you. 
(10) At about 9 years of age, I decided to teach myself how to not get angry. As time went by, fewer and fewer things provoked my anger. 
(11) In fifth grade, I attempted to climb over the school fence. I spiked my leg. I never told my parents or any of the teachers. 
(12) In sixth grade, the older brother of a guy who mis-identified me, walked over and begin to pummel me. At first I did not hit back. By the time I started to hit back, some teacher grabbed us and separated us. 
(13) The one time I severly injured myself in a bike accident, I shattered my left wrist. I did not know it was shattered until three days later when I had it xrayed. It never did hurt. 
(14) I worked at the Florida State University Computing Center from 1962, as student assistant, through 1998, my first retirement. I began working "full time" in 1966. 
(15) Now-a-days all my time is taken up by the computer, occasionaly contra dances, and work for Dr. Karemera at South Carolina State University. I alternate living in South Carolina with living in Tallahassee. When in South Carolina, I stay with my sister, in Williston, SC. 
(16)I have extremely tolerant view toward all religous orders. Recently when a person stated his Christian faith, and asked if I was Christian, I said that I tried to see all points of view at the same time. That the Christian and Non-Christian views were both checks on each other. 
(17)I've developed some skill in elementary mathematics. 
(18) Ive developed some skill in programming Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. 
(19)The reason I love contra dance is that I love the physical contact with other people, especially with women. 
(20)I have often fallen without getting hurt. 
(21) I can feel my heart beat by focusing on one of my finger tips. 
(22) I once joined the Tallahassee Religious Society of Friends. 
(23) My wife, Kathleen, is also my best friend. 
(24) I will run out of the room if I smell cabage or similar greens being cooked. 
(25) When I drove Kathleen to the hospital for our first child, daughter Karen, I had only the learners driving permit. I left the car at the hospital and walked home. 


Location: United States
I like: math, polite discussions, contra dance, being kind to people, etc
Favorite writers: Almost any fantasy writer, but not writers of horror stories.
Favorite books: "Jumper", "Healer (The LaNague Federation Book 5)"
Favorite movies: Fantasy movies: Superman, etc
Gender: Male
Religion: Nature
Political affiliations: Progressive

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