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The picture in my about me is now me.  My Main Man, Jake, is still in there, but everyone told me ''put a picture of yourself,'' so I added a picture of me.  I know people always want to know how handsome such a brilliant guy is, so I thought I would be merciful.  You will probably notice that it really isn't a perfect picture.  For some reason the camera always gets in the way when you try to take a picture of yourself--and when the flash goes off the thing really gets messed up.  Oh well, it'll do for now.

I left Jake in there because he got so pissed when I started to take his photo out that he wouldn't eat for three days.  Then he had to have the number one position.  He needs a good spanking, but I did that once and he got into this big I'm so upset routine for a whole day, so I only speak sternly to him now.

One of these days I'll get a movie star picture of myself and put it in.  Meanwhile, there I am.

What about this Blogit outfit?  I know less all the time.  Why am I here?  One of the dogs told me ''Get over to Blogit right away.  There's something REALLY BIG happening.''

I'm still looking for whatever the dogs thought was such a big deal.  I don't think they knew what they were talking about.  Their main thing is old Cisco Kid reruns, so I guess I shouldn't have expected too much avant-garde wisdom from them.

Well, as David Steinberg used to say, ''Ooga--booga.''


Location: United States
Primary occupation: Investigator of Phenomena
Dream occupation: Logging Truck Driver
Hometown: PHX AZ
Schools attended: Western U.S.
I like: enchiladas, chiles rellenos, dogs, cats, ojos latinas, a nice bajito, the orgasmic experience, QueNo Sabe & Tonto (Know Nothing & Dummy)
Favorite writers: Emily Post, any ''Good Manners'' author. I have difficulty with ''proper behavior''
Favorite books: FM 22-5, MOTOR Truck manual
Favorite newspapers: Any that are absorbent
Favorite magazines: They cost as much as books--I can't decide to buy one.
Favorite music: Shakira, Enrique Iglésias, Maná, Anna Gabriel, Soraya, Bob Dylan, Rollng Stones, Creednce Clearwater, The Fugs, U2, Procol Harem, Fleetwood Mac, Otis Redding, Ravi Shankhar, Donovan, Velvet Undergrnd
Favorite movies: Quigly Down Under, The Last Samurai, El Norte, Barbarosa, The Road Warrior, Red Desert, 8½, Pumpkin Eater, Zardoz
Favorite TV shows: My TV got blowed away by a 20 gauge Remington
Favorite teams: Las Mofetas Enloquecidas, Hells Angels, Dirty Dozen, Mongols, East Bay Dragons, Parking Lot Security, Junkie Babes from Hell, B-29 Club Bailadoras, PetSmart Latinas, Los Pinches, Los Payasos del Norte
Favorite quote: ''Bring the jeep! We have to herd the cows back in!'' --- Pappy
Gender: Non-Righteous (M)
Religion: Zen Buddhist
Political affiliations: I threw out all the rotten nuts and no politicians were left.

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