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I'm a wise old crone with knowledge and/or opinion on just about anything and everything under the sun - and above it too. I used to joke that I could write 5,000 words on any topic. Ask me - and I'll take a shot at it - though, unless the pay is real good I won't go for the 5,000 words. Seriously - I like writing - so couldn't resist finding out how things operate around here.

First and foremost I've been a psychic all of my life. I was born into it. My mother, her mother, her mother etc etc. And all of my sisters too. And my daughter - and her daughter. I've been a psychic detective and helped the Police on some big cases.

Some of the occupations I have had in my lifetime are; Teacher - K thru to university lecturer. Bit of a bent towards Montessori, and have done research into Indigenous educational issues. Criminology - spent a few years working in the prison system teaching adult literacy and running programs and counselling for violent offenders. Have studied what is commonly known as 'profiling'. Yes - I've been into the minds of serial killers and rapists). Done counselling for victims and perpetrators of violence (domestic, sexual) etc.

Also qualified as a Naturopath (Naturopathic Physician) - know about herbs, nutrition, flower remedies, homeopathy, aboriginal medicine, shamanism and medicine in general.

I've written books - tho not yet published all of them. I've had offers from major publishers - which I have resisted - tho I'm unsure why LOL. They cover diverse fields too. One of them is often described as 'genreless' (which just about sums me up too) - a book reviewer friend described it as, "womens issues, new-age fiction, confronting, thriller" and it is written from the inside of a life of domestic and sexual abuse. There a love triangle between an abusive man, a black devil-woman witch and a white witch. Lots of I Ching, sex and all sorts of heavy emotions. Not a light read - and so far no man has made it from cover to cover.  Another book is about Lindy chamberlain - from an indigenous perspective. I'm currently re-editing this and will release it soon.

I've also written on shamanism, psychic matters, indigenous culture issues, serial killers and psychic detectives. Then there's the academic type stuff as well. I used to study stuff constantly until I became an academic - which somehow cured me.

What else ? Dunno - might come back and add more stuff later on. Nice to meet y'all.

Jaahda Jinnah


My sister won lotto using psychic ability,

For when Blogit bloggers want to utilise my psychic abiities or find out more about what I can do email me at jaahda@westnet.com.au

Primary occupation:
Academic (Indigenous Courses)
Dream occupation:
World citizen.
Schools attended:
Too many to list. British education. Tertiary - England - then Australia.
I like:
Social justice, equity and access. Treading lightly on our Earth.
Favorite writers:
Philosophers, existentialists, religious texts, James Joyce, , ...I'm sure there areothers LOL
Favorite books:
David Deida, Stephanie Dowrick,
Favorite music:
Best in the Genre. all time favourite song is Led Zeplin, Since I've Been Loving You.
Favorite TV shows:
Wire in the Blood, Closer, Waking the Dead, The Bill.
Favorite quote:
"The past keeps changing". "the hardest lesson to learn in life is to let go at a moment's notice".