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These three posts are shared between several friends who could be found anywhere in the world at any given time.Stavos and Elizabeth are in Morocco right now and they post their beautiful love poetry in "All you have and more".

I'm the irritating one,"Mindfuck" and I post in "Tricks of the mind".Sorry if I offend,I didn't realize that I could not change the name for another 30 days. I thought that one collum of my irritating diatribe was probably more than enough for you good folks to suffer through so I gave the other two posts to good friends of mine.I am in the sonoran desert deep in the southwest part of North America where I run several internet businesses from my mobile command center.

The third person posting Ezekiel Starship is a very intriguing man whom I have known for several years.Crop Circle. I do not know his background although I assume it to be military, or paramilitary, I don't even know his real name, not that it matters. I rondevous with this man several times a year in remote locations of the west to hear amazing stories of the most bizarre nature. Although many of them are unbelievable, I am inclined to believe them none the less. He is a very serious man and does not seem prone toB.S.. And believe me I would never call him on anything,I'm quite sure that many life forms have lost their life to his hands.The four of us and others keep in touch by phone,text,e-mail and other means and we meet several times a year in locations known only to us.

So thats the story behind these post, if mine offend please don't let that keep you from reading these other fine posts by these good friends of mine.


Please check out these other free pages by myself and friends of mine.

Thank you.








Location: Mexico
Primary occupation: Top secret
Dream occupation: Stimulating minds,it's a full time job!
Hometown: Universe
Schools attended: All of them, None of them.
I like: The desert.Anything clever,insightful,humorous or texured and layered with a multitude of meanings.
Favorite writers: Cervantes!Rumi,Clive Barker,Edgar Allen Poe,Steinbeck,Joseph Campbell,
Favorite books: The Gospel,The Koran,Bhagavad Gita,DonQuiote,The Pearl,On the road,The Hero with a thousand faces,Beowolf,The Icelandic Sagas and many more have influenced and inspired me greatly.
Favorite music: Hard loud music or world music, especially middle eastern where I have spent a bit of time.
Favorite TV shows: What a waste of time,I might watch t.v. if I was in a coma,I would get about the same amount of mental stimulation!
Favorite teams: The one that includes everybody.
Favorite quote: "The less you need the more you have."
Gender: Male
Religion: Love of life!
Political affiliations: P.A.R.F.I.S. Personal Anarchist Responsible For Intellectual Stimulation

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