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Words that describe me:  Humanitarian, Animal Lover, Gaian, Spiritual, Earthy, Loving.

Words that I hate:  Intolerance, homophobia, hate (and all it's forms).

Phrases that bug me:  "religious right", "moral majority", and "family values"

I am a writer of fiction, essay, and articles.  I have a passion for crochet.  I fit no mold.  That makes me happy.

United States
Primary occupation:
Marketing Coordinator
Dream occupation:
Bastrop, Louisiana
Schools attended:
Northeast Louisiana Univeristy (now known as University of Louisiana at Monroe"
I like:
Cats, dogs, crocheting, movies, television, and living life well.
Favorite writers:
Lillian Jackson Braun, J.K. Rowling, Jaye Maiman, Elizabeth Dean, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Favorite books:
"Just Desserts" "The funny thing is..." "Hotel Transylvania"
Favorite newspapers:
Favorite music:
Moody Blues
Favorite movies:
Desk Set
Favorite TV shows:
"Doctor Who" "Torchwood" "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" "Dexter" "Dead Like Me" "Carnivale" "The L. Word", "Will and Grace"
Favorite teams:
New Orleans Saints
Favorite quote:
"Brush all the cobwebs from your daydreams. No secrets come between us anymore." Justin Hayward
Earth based pagan