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The "About me" during ex_simsimswife times: Born under the "capricious" sign of Capricorn, in a simple blue-collar family, I grew up fed with the communist policy of goodness, generosity and modesty. Raising the head from the crowd would have been discouraged at the first attempt. Although as a child and teenager I manifested talents in many aspects of creativity like poetry, painting, fashion  interior design, I didn't possess the knowledge of applying into practice my ideas and getting ahead.  I wish I could cover up for all those lost years.
First-hand life experience feeds my creativity. I had to change places, switch countries, marry and divorce twice, remarry, lose jobs, part with relatives and friends, cope with children and seek success in everything you can imagine. I have traveled to Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Greece and Romania (of course). Sometimes I took a good decision, sometimes a bad one. Was there anyone always beside me? The answer is yes. Except God, the best listener, the pen and the paper were always my best friends. I always shared with them sorrow or joy, pity or admiration, pain or pleasure, and I wandered many places, real or from my wild imagination taking them along. Having too many hobbies related to creativity puling me like many forces in their sides, as a resultant I was inert, incapable to choose one single direction. As a freelance writer, I can be through my characters all that I dream of. Would the specialized knowledge accumulated during the passing years prove useful in my freelance writing career ?  I try to be very flexible, ambitious, motivated, and determined to improve my actual status; I am a learn-as-you-go principle adept

AS COMPARED TO "About me" nowadays:

I no longer have a handle attached, I am a lif-time companion to April, the 8 years old sterile Birmanese cat, who, during the 6 years we have been together, borrowed some of my personality treats, a happy owner of a beautiful fish tank with 11 fish that have indivdual names and last but not least, the proud mother of two adult sons, looking forward for reunion with them. My younger son is married, and he is an expecting father, currently lives in Egypt, while the elder one is soon to be married and lives in Emirates.


Mother of 2 sons