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I am a 70 year old grandmother of 5 daughters, 17 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.  I currently write essays for a Hindu Magazine (Science of Soul). Will be uploading 5 of my books when I find out how to insert pages in Word 2010. Have been married twice, the first one gone to heaven and the second one (this is tough to tell you, but he is a professed Hermit.  Been writing over 50 years, published poetry in numerous small presses and two magazines.  I have written 8 books and am about to have a discussion with Microsoft Word 2010 technicians to go thru the process with me. Was published over 40 times in our neighborhood newspaper back in the 80's. Received "Poet of the Month" once and the Southern Poetry Prize in the 80's. Was an Administrative secretary for 20 years and raised five daughters alone. I lost a daughter in 2004.  It still feels like a nightmare.  Yet with the humor God abundantly bestowed on me, I can face death and write about it.  I am a Gnostic, having spent the last 40 years researching the most popular religions.  Blessed again, by God, you don't learn how to be a Gnostic.  One day you just realize "you're there" and the searching for God is over.  I have numerous medical problems such as bladder cancer, was cured once of it), Emphysema I don't believe was my fault completely.  Back in the '50's all us girls snuck cigarettes not knowing the horror that awaited us.  My bronchial asthma is never under control.  The cold brings it on and the heat brings it on.  But I am optimistic because I have no other choice.  I choose not to be a pessimist, because it blinds you to any small beautiful thing in your day, such as hearing, sight, new ideas, seeing the faces of your loved ones, and calling Blogit my family.  I have decided not to tell anyone about my health or how I will be writing about them.  Blogit will become My Secret Garden. Next to my daughters writing is my greatest passion.

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Retired
Dream occupation: Writing to get a Pulitzer Prize in Literature
Hometown: Philadelphia
Schools attended: St. Edward's Parochial School and 2 years Business School
I like: Writing, researching, crochetting, reading the best nonfiction authors.
Favorite writers: Deepak Chopra, Larry Dorsey, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Green and others, Football, Hockey
Favorite books: Besides the writers I mentioned, Hindu philosophy, Native Amerilcan Ways
Favorite newspapers: None
Favorite magazines: Popular Science, Science of Soul
Favorite music: Tenors, especially Josh Groban, Johnny Mathis, John Denver
Favorite movies: Fanny, All Mine to Give, Ghandi, Seven Years in Tibet, A Beautiful Mind
Favorite TV shows: American Idol, Fox Cable News
Favorite teams: Eagles, Flyers
Favorite quote: In every grain of dust there is a soul. Otto Rank
Gender: Female
Religion: None/Gnostic
Political affiliations: None

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