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Hmmm,  Who am I.  What an interesting question!  How long have you got?  (Chuckle) The quick answer in this context is someone who likes to write poetry on all subjects.  I think it is an addiction of mine but healthier than the cigarettes I gave up five years ago! 

If you stop by to read, please leave a message so that I know what you think.  Any comment is indicative of how the work will be received and therefore helpful to this aspiring writer.  Thank you.  AmMused

Location: Canada
Primary occupation: Home day care provider
Dream occupation: Retirement
Schools attended: lots, we moved all the time
I like: my life, a lot
Favorite writers: Poe, Robert Service, Robert Frost, Robbie Burns, CS Lewis, Tolkien, Madeleine, L'Engle, R. Bradbury, E. R. Burroughs, Shakespeare, Farley Mowat, Dickens ...
Favorite books: Lord of the Rings, The Martian Chronicles, A Wrinkle in Time, Narnia Chronicles, ...
Favorite newspapers: Too depressing - lining for cages
Favorite magazines: National Geographic - okay, by now you know I am a nerd
Favorite music: What I am listening to in the moment
Favorite movies: Independence Day, Pretty Woman, Mr. Mom, Star Wars, Bond
Favorite TV shows: anything science based - if there is time - now you are sure I'm a nerd
Favorite teams: Mine - Flyball
Favorite quote: When you are sure it can't be done; take a deep breath, open your mind, and take another look from another direction. & "Use the force, Luke." from StarWars by Alec Guiness's Character in StarWars
Gender: Female
Political affiliations: The one who seems least likely to be a liar, cheater, mass murderer

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