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614. What is the meaning of WCDMA? (a). Wireless Code Division Mobile Access

(b). Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access

(c). Wireless Communication Development for Multiple Access

615. What is the meaning of SAR?

(a). Solar Airwave Radiation

(b). Specific Absorption Rates

(a). Satellite Air Regulations

616. Which of the following is an interactive medium?

(a). analogue TV
(b). online newspaper
(c). film at cinema

617. An Automated Teller Machine communicates with users via

(a). loudspeaker and printer
(b). keypad and video camera
(c). screen, printer and cash dispenser

618. Which input device is used for voice calls over the Internet

(a). loudspeaker
(b). microphone
(c). keyboard

619. Common software packages permit interactivity by means of a

(a). GUI
(b). GUEY
(c). GOOEY

620. A hyperlink is

(a). an over-excited loop of metal
(b). text or a graphic with an address attached to it, that opens a new page or file when clicked or moved over a connection to the Internet

621. A page on a computer containing text, graphics, sound and video clips can be described as

(a). animated
(b). multimedia
(c). interactive

622. The first page of a website is frequently called a

(a). home page
(b). index page
(c). frames page

623. Analogue signals can be described as

(a). constant waves
(b). broken waves
(c). continuous waves

624. A digital signal can be described as

(a). relative
(b). binary, consisting of ones and zeros
(c). strong

625. A machine that uses digital media in the home is

(a). a lawnmower
(b). a washing machine
(c). a CD player

626. Web pages can be written in HTML. What does HTML stand for?

(a). Hyper Text Markup Language
(b). Hyper Text Makeup Language
(c). Hyper Text Mockup Language

627. The process of travelling through a website is called

(a). mapping
(b). exploring
(c). navigation

628. A unique name used to identify a website is called a

(a). .com
(b). domain name
(c). site name

629. Which domain name would be the most likely for a college or university in Britain?

(a). http://www.cms.sch.in
(b). http://www.cms.ac.in
(c). http://www.cms.co.in

630. The most likely domain name to be a charity would be?

(a). http://www.givemeloadsofmoney.co.in
(b). http://www.trustmewithyourcash.com
(c). http://www.charitybeginsathome.org.in

631. WWW is an abbreviation for the

(a). Wicked Wonderful Web
(b). World Wide Web
(c). World Wizard Web

632. The effect of changing the format of text as a cursor moves over it is called a

(a). mouseover
(b). moveover
(c). magicover

633. Software that allows users to create web pages without any knowledge of HTML is called a

(a). web editor
(b). desk top publishing package
(c). spreadsheet

634. People will soon be able to surf the net via their

(a). electronic toasters
(b). digital, interactive TVs
(c). imbedded microchips

635. Users will be able to interact with their digital TVs by means of a

(a). printer
(b). screen
(c). keyboard

636. What can you do with the Internet?

(a). Exchange information with friends and colleagues

(b). Access pictures, sounds, video clips and other media elements

(c). Find diverse perspective on issues from a global audience

(d). Post and respond to inquiries on a variety of subjects

(e). All of the above

637. The Internet was developed in the...

(a). early 1990s

(b). late 1980s

(c). early 1970s

(d). late 1960s

638. According to CNN, how much did Internet traffic increase between 1994 and 1996?

(a). Two times

(b). Five times

(c). Ten times

(d). Twenty-five times

639. USENET is...

(a). A set of tools reserved exclusively for Internet administrators

(b). Short for United States Electronic Network

(c). A bulletin board system that allows for posting and responding to messages on the Internet

(d). A precursor to the Internet that is now obsolete

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