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Some of exserts from "God Punishes Sin" are as follows.

"Sin means transgression or knowingly, willfully and intentionally breaking the law regardless of the consequence."

As the result of the defiance, rebellion, or disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden sin and death entered the world and all human beings from that time forward were infected and contaminated with the sin nature that is universal.

"The inrrant word of God declares that the penalty for sin is death. Since God is a just God, He is not willing to let all of His people perish and fall into eternal damnation with no chance of ever being saved. What we learn from "God Punishes Sin" is that God hates sins but He loves the sinner. Therefore, God sent His only begotten to die on Calvary for the sins of the world. The stories of Christ's birth, death, and resurrection were necessary to redeem mankind from the penalty of death."

The laws were given to Moses not to replace faith, but to serve as guide help mankind. "God Punishes Sin" depicts how the law is used as a teacher, father, and jailor. It is also clear that the law can not erase or eliminate sin. The law has no power over sin. It cannot save anyone. There is no salvation in the law. The requirement of the law is perfection. Nobody is perfectly obedient in keeping every law. Breaking one law is the same as breaking all of the laws. The law identifies the mistakes, convicts, convinces, corrects, and establishes the penalty for the violation. The law does not discriminate or care if the wrong was intentional or unintentional. Because law was infective against sin, God instituted a remedy of grace that fully discussed in work. Grace is a free gift, but not without responsibility. Shall we continue in sin because we have grace. The writer of the book of Romans, says "God forbids it." Grace is grace to every believer in Jesus Christ based on conditions and responsibilities.

The rest of "God Punishes Sin" highlights some important facts about sin, death, law, and grace that every Christian should understand. Much of the lack of social and moral injustice that is in the world is because mankind ignores God's remedy and inserts his own. Because man relies on his own judgment more than he trusts God, he dismisses Isaiah 11:5-9 and 65:25 as idealism. Man's stubbornness, disobedience, greed, and idle worship of material things keeps him from being all that he can be.  





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