Affirmations For Abundance

By Tzippy

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I have noticed that many of you are claiming poverty. It is painful for me to see poverty only because I was born into a very poor family, and we were barely making it. Than my father died and Mother did much better until she married our worse nightmare and here we were back into a poverty of much higher proportion. Being in that kind of upbringing makes you adjust to the poverty mindset and can keep you in poverty for the rest of your life. I was determined to get out of it and I did. But not before I endured welfare for a little while and food stamps for another while. Than I discovered that being in poverty begins with your own choices. In order to begin to change those choices the mind has to first be ready to accept the fact that you will never be in poverty mode again.


To begin the process I am giving you an affirmation to say in the morning and at night. No matter how silly it seems and how stupid you feel saying it. Say it every day, say it loud and say it clear, think about what you are saying and watch how all those other things in your life are going to guide you towards the life of abundance. I received this affirmations from a seminar I took called "The millionair mind" I did not make it up. They have researched this extensively and found that it works only if you say it every day. Of course if you buy it and keep it in the closet it is not going to magically fly into your mind and reshape your life.


Warning: don’t fall for any get rich quick scams that ask you for a bunch of money up front. Don’t jump at the first opportunity before you check it out. And whatever you do, don’t ever spend every penny you have on something that promises to bring a cash flow. Only use money you can afford to loose.

Here are a few little tips to begin your journey


  1. Every day put some money into a financial freedom account. You think you can’t afford it? Open a bank account and call it your financial freedom account. Go to bank every day and put even one dollar into it. Whenever you get any sort of income make sure to take some of it and put into that financial freedom account. That account is dead; It is not for personal emergencies, or any other things, it is not even yours to use as you wish: IT IS ONLY there in order to invest in something that will bring in money. That is it. So don’t forget, put a minimum of one dollar a day, and always run to bank with every single penny of income you have and put a small percentage of that in your financial freedom account.
  2. Make a plan of how you are going to help others with your money. Being selfish and keeping money only for self indulgence bring unhappiness and disaster. Think of all the good you can do when you have a bunch of money at your disposal. Write down the plan and make it real.
  3. Most people who don’t have money hate and resent people with money. Bless what you want and you will always be the next to receive it. Love the people that have the kind of money that you think you want to have. Love brings love and blessings that you put out always bring back blessings to you.
  4. You are the creator of your own life. If you don’t know that yet, take out the movie “The secret” and see how it works. It is really true, you are the master of your destiny. Everything you have in your life right now is your creation of reality.
  5. Read my blog accidentally on purpose, and see how I accidentally planed my own death at the age of 40. See how exact the universe is, in giving you exactly what you want. If you can’t find that blog let me know I will re post it. That is the reason for this blog and the only reason I called it by that name.


  1. Take a piece of paper and write down what it is that you really think about money. You will find that your attitude towards money is not loving and healthy. Change it, for how can you own something you don’t love?
  2. Practice seeing yourself living an abudant lifestyle. Practice this every day and as much as you can. There is nothing wrong with your imagination, use it.
  3. Spend less than you earn, dont forget what I told you before to put money into a financial freedom account. Pay yourself first. Take whatever it is you earn and give yourself a paycheck. up to 10% of your income is acceptable.
  4. When you have enough money in the financial freedom account invest it in something that pays 10%, in the long run the calculations say that you will have millions of dollars.
  5. Fredrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said "Everyone thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed.
  6. You are always the fruit of your thoughts. Take a look at what your thinking and you will see why you are where you are.
  7. Dont blame anyone for the mistakes in your life. Especially dont blame yourself. Learn from experience and move on.
  8. Make the decision to become wealthy and abudant now. You are the creator of your destiny. and if you say it shall be so, than it shall be so.
  9. If I can do it so can you!



"Give and it will be given to you" Don't be afraid to give, it will only enhance your ability to receive.

Do you ever talk to yourself? Talk to yourself in a positive abundant way. don't ever tell yourself, "I am broke" tell yourself "I am worth it and I am receiving abudance from the universe" don't tell yourself, I don't deserve it, tell yourself I deserve it. etc

You are responsible for your thoughts, so you have to learn to control them. Your thoughts will gradually change by themselves and you will find yourself thinking the way you want to think, not the way you were programed to think.

We all start with nothing, we all come into the world, naked, broke and helpless. We are all in the same boat. Every time you start a new project you are a baby all over again. don't be fearful of new beginings, its a rebirth and an exciting begining.

your achievments will now bring  you

spiritual freedom

physical freedom

ultimate freedom

It all starts with a dream. Like Martin Luther King said "I have a dream" and his dream seemed impossible at the time. but the dream is what brings the reality. It manifests if you hold on to it with all your mind.

dont ever get frustrated, it negates everything you are doing.

Remain calm, and steady moving forward, working on your mental chatter. take a step forward and a few steps back. NEVER GET FRUSTRATED AT THE JOURNEY. Life is a beautiful journey of leanring and growing.

Patience, is one of the most powerful qualities anyone can ever acquire, and it is yours free and clear, no need to pay for it or to study it. Learn patience at every opportunity you have.

I can not stress enough that one very important aspect of everything. NEVER RESENT YOUR OWN OBSTACLES AND JOURNEY. You are reading this because you are ready to step out of the poverty life and into a life that you never even thought was possible. But now you think its  possible and you know its possible, therefore IT IS POSSIBLE, AND probably will happen.

It's all up to you!

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