The Light in Darkness: Chapter One

By Allianna

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Alex destroyed Allianna's entire family, enslaved her sisters and burnt down the home she knew as a child. She's been hiding from him for a very long time only to fall at his hand near a tavern. He has turned her into the creature she has most come to dispise and yet the longer she is near him the more she begins to wonder if her perception of him was wrong.

He'd thought her dead the day he'd destroyed her family. When he discovered the truth he tracked her down and made her his own only to make her dispise him more. In an effort to at least give something back to her after all that he has taken he helps her regain her stollen child. Will it be enough? Can he prove to her that he isn't the monster his past has made him appear? Or will she be stollen from him just when he thinks he has won her over?


            She found the hallowed tree where she’d spent the previous night. When she’d settled herself in the realization of a powerful pain racking her body surfaced itself.

Allianna shrieked in pain as the turn from mortal to vampiress took it’s toll.

            The change went on for hours and left her trembling weakly. She was sobbing mutely and rocking on her knees. Even then small surges of pain coursed through her every few minutes.  The thirst for blood grew steadily stronger, though she fought it with every ounce of her will.

            “Having fun?” The cold voice of her sire inquired from the opening of the tree. “It hurts, doesn’t it? The hunger must be maddening."

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