Blood of My Blood

By AJohnson

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Kevin lay on the floor half charred. The skeletal part of his face was visible. The flames had eaten away the rest of  his flesh. Her father was even worst. The only thing left of him, was bones. His burnt clothes hung on his disintegrated frame. Samantha's throat convulsed, but no sound came out. Her body began to shake, and a slow rising madness started to take place within her mind. Suddenly, she felt hands begin to pull her away. She fought them blindly, tearing out of it's grasp. Running down the stairs, flames licked at her body. Torching her skin. "Mom!" She screamed, sobbing relentlessly, her eyes wild and glassy. "Mom, where are you! Jessica!" Turning, there was movement in the living room. Dashing in that direction, she saw her thru the smoke. It was Janet. She was still alive. Samantha called out to her, running. Janet Rivers' body was badly burned. She could barely move, as she slowly crawled away from the fire. "Go." She needed to warn her daughter, as she saw her struggling to make her way over. But Samantha couldn't hear her. "Run." She rasped painfully. "Run…" She tried to move her legs, her torn weak body trembling. But it was too late. Too late for them all. Janet felt the hand grab her, and she knew she would never see her daughter again. Samantha stared thru the smoke and fire. She looked, not quite understanding, as she watched her beautiful little sister appear by their mother's side. She seemed to have walked right out of the flames. Samantha frowned. "Jessica?" Her sister appeared to be untouched, and unaffected by the raging chaos around her. It seemed, to Samantha's slow dawning horror, that she was the fire. She took a step forward, still not comprehending. Her mind not wanting to understand. Jessica Rivers looked back at her. A smile suddenly breaking out across her sweet face. "You never knew, did you big sister?" She said softly.The inferno raging around her golden locks.  She gripped her mother's hair. Slowly, Jessica's head swiveled to look at Janet. She stared into her fright filled eyes, anticipating the smell of her blood. "Please." Janet whispered, sobbing. "Please Jessica, don't do this." Jessica smiled, looking at her mother's pleading face. "I'm not Jessica." She whispered back. "You haven't laid eyes on her since the day she was born." 

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