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By A. Burt

This is not intended to reveal anything other than the intent by President Bush to go to war with Iraq long before the invasion began and how and by whom he was influenced then purposely mislead the American public up until the last moment. Much of this is the consequence of the PNAC which is short for the Project for the new America. The pages of this report have been compared to Hitler's Mein Kampf for it's outlining of an aggressive military plan for the U.S. world domination in the coming century.

It was created by a neoconservative think tank funded by energy and arms manufactures and headed by Dick Cheney until he became Vice President. The unexpected result of having won the cold war and now having no other military threat to face this group of ideologist created a blueprint for the future. To capitalize on a large military surplus of goods and forces, create newer weapons at an exaggerated price and force the corporate privatization throughout the known world.

Their goals were stated as:
1. Increase an already enormous military budget at the expense of domestic programs.
2. Toppling regimes resistant to our corporate interest.
3. Forcing democracy at the barrel of a gun in regions that have no history of the Democratic process.
4. Replacing the United Nations role of preserving and extending international order. 


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