A Virtuous woman

By oathApocolicto

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A woman is a breath of Fresh air in the morning when she rise

Her virtuous chasity is as pure as the water in the springtime

Her husband does trust in her purity while he's gone for periods of time

She holds fast to her virtues within and without the gates

She is a friend to the friendless and homeless and

She reaches out to the poor-She rises up at night and

give unto her household, even to her servants

She is known amoung the elders of the city

When she goes out for a visit she does not sit in

the seat of the ungodly-Or spread gossip around town

Her smile is missed when she can not be found

Her shouldres are as big and wide as the sea

There's a light above her head that is as bright as a star

A ship can see travling from the Milky- Way afar

Lift up your head oh woman of God, let your voice be heard

from ever mountain, every valley we will hear your cry

For you will alway find a better and brighter day

For your love is as endless as the rivers that flows from sea to sea

Because there is a way that you and only you have the key

                                     W. SEC. FAABJ/ Betty C. Evans



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