BLOODLINE: The Glass House

By ChristianHorrorWriter

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Genre: Christian/Horror Fiction

     Nine years after the disappearance of their parents, Callie Alaxander and her brother, Mason, have finally been allowed to return to their family home, a glass house designed and built by their father.  Shortly upon their arrival, they discover that the house holds more than memories: in it resides an evil more terrible than anything they could imagine.  The evil not only holds the secret to their parents' disappearance, but it plunges them into a terrifying adventure that uncovers a family curse that has lasted thousands of years.

     As the two fight for their lives and their sanity, they are joined by Mason's best friend. Darren Makabe, and two backwoods hermits Drury Bagwell and his mentally challenged son, Junior, who hold secrets of their own.



It was awake in the darkness.

It did not move.

It felt nothing but hatred and hunger,

and it knew the hunger would build as time passed.


Time had no meaning for it.

Its existence revovled around its cycle: sleeping-eating-sleeping.

The cycle only varied according to the cycle of the bloodline.

Once it had been a part of the bloodline.

Now its very existence depended upon that same bloodline.

It moved when they moved.

It tasted the changes as the bloodline aged.

Now it was awake.

And it waited.



                                 SIXTEEN YEARS. THAT'S how long it had been since Calie Alaxander and her brother Mason had been allowed to return to their parent's home.  Callie was five years old when her family moved back to Columbia, Missouri, for unknown reasons.  She didn't remember anything about the house, and that bothered her.

     Callie was thinking about this when she turned the black Jeep Cherokee off the gravel road onto a hidden track and disappeared into the trees.  She smiled at how the sunlight peaked through an occasional hole in the canopy formed by the trees crowned in hues of red and gold.  The October morning air was heady with the smells of damp earth and wet leaves.  It was her favorite time of the year.  Callie was jolted from her reverie when she hit a pothole that was camouflaged with fallen leaves.  Now, barely aware of the beauty surrounding her, she attempted to carefully pick her way over ruts and potholes.

     She hadn't been on the path long when she sensed something was not as it should be.  She slowed the jeep to a crawl and began to study the surrounding weeds and brush.  So engrossed in trying to figure out what it was that was wrong, she hadn't rrealized she had actually stopped the jeep.  Callie just sat and looked around.  Slowly, it dawned on her what she found so unsettling; she hadn't seen any wildlife.

     She turned off the jeep.

     The only sounds she heard were the light breezes in the trees and the faint crunch of a car back on the gravel road.  Thinking that perhaps her own vehicle may have frightened the animals into silence, Callie sat for a few minutes listening for birdsong and watched for anything that might decide to venture out of its hiding place, but the longer she sat, the uncomfortable she became.

     It was quiet. Too quiet.

     As she restarted the jeep, she made a mental note to ask Mason about the lack of wildlife, then she drove slowly, continuing to watch for wildlife and glancing down at the leaf-strewn path for hidden potholes.

     A glare from the clearing at the end of the path signaled that she was nearing her destination.  She shook her head and blinked her eyes rapidly to try to dissipate the flashbulblike blindness she had received from the glare. What she saw after she recovered her normal sight made her gasp and wonder if she were awake.

     She stopped the jeep and put it in park.

     This was the house in her recurrent nightmares.

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