Reflection of the Blade

By abbey74

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I just don't understand why I am here at the police station
They tell me they brought me in to question me on what I might know about a murder spree
Why are they questioning me? I know nothing about murder, I know nothing under the sun
They even have me handcuffed to a desk, they must think I might flee.
But there is no reason for this, I haven't committed a murder or a crime
Then two men come into the small room, all they keep saying is confess
Confess? To what? I don't know what they are talking about so I remain as silent as a mime
I only say I had nothing to do with this murderous mess.
Still insisting I am a killer, I search my mind and just as before there is nothing I know
They tell me this killer has killed ten people in a most bloody and horrendous way
How can they even think I could be this insane foe?
If I knew anything I would tell them without delay.
They start to believe me, I think, so they want me to talk with a psychologist, a head doctor
I agree to the request just wondering what is it they think they will find out
Then a smart looking lady comes into the room telling me she wishes to talk with me a little more
She promises to get to the bottom of this, of this she has no doubt.
She wants to put me under hypnosis all I can say is," Why not?
It takes her a few minutes but then I am no longer who I was
Another person comes forth, someone I don't know, someone filled with anger, filled with quite a lot
I see this other person doing and saying awful things just because.
This person I see him trying to entice a girl, but I never see his face
He talks the girl to going with him, this I can clearly see
Then I see a flash of light, a reflection I think, then a look of pain on her face
What I see is the blade of a knife and in it's reflection, I see his face, Oh my God what I see well it is me.


dark poetry

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