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He walks the streets and haunts the clubs.

He is a vampire on the prowl for prey.

This bloodsucker can face the sun

and prowl during the light of the day.


What he does is prey on the lonely and weak.

Homely women, lonely woman seeking love.

He is a sociopath, a psychopath with no

conscience or need to look to heaven above.


He hurts, he cheats, he cons, he steals...

with his charming face and phoney smile...

Does not even realize his evil...

thinks women should succumb to his style.


He leaves them drained of worse than blood,

he sucks away their precious hopes and dreams.

Leaves them dead and dying when he through,

and only their mirrors hear their screams.






Dear Lord,


I come to You on bended knee,

not to ask that my pain leave me,

but that my child might be set free.


Always a difficult child, Lord,

she wanted all at her accord.

Many times I have come to You,

Praying Your strength to see her through.


Bi-polar raised its ugly head,

it is what she has the doctors said.

Tears have flowed, heart has been broken,

Have been called all vile words spoken.


She told me she has no mother...

this time hurt like no other.

Gone for ten years, no word I heard.

Memories faded, lines were blurred.


Suddenly, there she was again,

Foolish old woman, I took her in.

Lord what is a mother to do.

I brought it in prayer, right to You.


You know all that happened next.

I was too happy to expect

abuse, and then she robbed me blind.

Took away every gift she could find.


Money gone from my bank accounts.

Those were my end of month amounts.

A Protective agency now

watches my life for the when and how.


Lord God of Israel, hear my plea...

Let her heart be softened by Thee.

This illness I pray, take it away

to give her peace at end of day.



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