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Blogit gives you two easy ways to find writers you'll enjoy: browsing and searching.


Browsing lets you click through categories and lists of blogs until you find one you like. (What is a blog?) To help, you can sort the blogs by the number of times they are read, by the date of the last entry, or by name. You can even view the newest entries from all blogs in a particular category. Get started browsing now!


If you know what you'd like to find, just type a word or two into the Search box on the home page and click "Go!". You'll see a list of all blog entries that include the words you typed.


Once you've found a writer you like, create an account and subscribe to Blogit. By subscribing to Blogit, you get unlimited access to real-time blog entries and comments on every topic. Your payment is divided between the writers you actually read. (How this works)

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