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Reporting a Policy Violation

Since there are hundreds of thousands of blog entries and comments on Blogit, we cannot monitor each one. In a typical scenario, a member notices a potential violation of Blogit policy and reports it to us. (What are Blogit policies?)

To report a policy violation, please go to the Help section linked from any Blogit page, and click on the Contact Us link. (To report copyright infringement, please see "Reporting Copyright Infringement" on the Copyright help page.)

Review Process

Reviewing reports is a difficult and time-consuming process, but we do our best to investigate each report as carefully and as objectively as possible. We take action only after the review has been completed.

When appropriate, the relevant item is removed and/or a warning is issued. The most common violations are copyright infringement and verbal abuse of another member. Please note that to protect the privacy of those who report violations, we do not publish details of violations.

If someone repeatedly violates Blogit policy, e.g. repeatedly violates copyright, continues to abuse others or deliberately attempts to disrupt the site, we have no choice but to suspend any associated accounts. Naturally, we prefer never to have to suspend accounts, so we take such action only when necessary.

After an account has been suspended, a refund is issued for the unused portion of the subscription, prorated on a monthly basis, within 30 days. Any blogs associated with the account are removed within 5-10 business days.

In the past, we have reinstated some members following an apology. However, we have found that those members tend to continue their original behavior, so it is not clear that reinstatement is useful.

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