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How Earnings Are Calculated

Writers earn money from each reader who reads their work. For example, if Jack reads Jill's blog 20% of the time, Jill will receive 20% of Jack's monthly payment to writers. (Learn more about how payments are distributed)

This means that the writers who earn the most are the ones who consistently post work of interest. Writers can even write multiple blogs to appeal to different groups of readers.

Since a reader's subscription fee is divided between writers at the end of the reader's monthly cycle, it may take up to two months for writers to receive all of their earnings. (How do I withdraw my earnings?)

About Earnings Forecasts

The  Writer's Account Summary includes the forecasted earnings for the current month. This forecast is calculated by estimating all the payments you will receive from readers by the end of the month, based on how often each reader currently reads your blogs.

Since people change their reading habits over time, please note that the forecast is subject to change and is only intended for informational purposes. Your final statement, issued at the end of the month, will show your actual earnings.

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