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Big V

I would really urge you to be more careful with this topic.  One man's vengeance is another man's justice.  More importantly, so-called vengeance can actually be true justice, in many cases. But our human weaknesses and the deceptive nature of evil will turn everything upside-down,  and I think you have fallen victim to this.

Consider.....  a truly evil, hateful, predatory person commits a crime against another person, who is completely undeserving and innocent.  This happens millions of times a day on our planet.  Now, I would say that the criminal should be punished,  and even more important,  should be stopped from commiting further crimes.  Can we at least agree on that moral point?

Anger complicates the issue,  as all emotions tend to do.  Let us remain focused on the moral issues,  of who is truly right and who is truly wrong.  Who has committed a crime, and who has not?  Who is the criminal, and who is the victim?

Your post focuses on the emotion and the anger,  and the horrible excesses they lead to.  Let us sweep emotion and anger out of the way, and focus on the discerning of right and wrong, which leads us to learn the ways of Goodness, to nurture that which leads to Goodness, and to forcefully oppose predatory evil, in all its deceptive forms.  Such forceful opposition of predatory evil is not vengeance or revenge,  it is vital and necessary to save Goodness and Love and all the other positive virtues from predatory destruction. 

posted by GoldenMean on January 27, 2018 at 2:22 AM | link to this | reply

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