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Peace is irrelevant

I agree with BigV's prediction of fire.  Peace is a fantasy,  a myth.  Those who love peace and seek it,  have no say in the matter.  Our peace is in the hands of our opponents,  our enemies,  and they will not give it to us.  I am not talking about inner serenity,  which no one can steal from us, if we have it.  I am talking about peace as the absence of conflict and the absence of malice and the absence of hate.  We will never have that,  on this planet or in the universe.  And as BigV says,  it will only get worse after this election,  regardless of who wins.

posted by GoldenMean on August 31, 2016 at 6:29 AM | link to this | reply

It is interesting to read all that goes into politics.

posted by FormerStudentIntern on August 28, 2016 at 5:52 AM | link to this | reply

First of all I personally question that you can have happiness without freedom and how sad that your Mr. Henry gave no thought for slaves in his wonderful words. Now that is not a hit at the USA because every country on this lovely fragile planet have enslaved someone or some animal.

And way further back than ten years we have been watched by big brother, again iin most countries. The Internet ensures that everyone is being watched in ways I don't even want to think about. Now if that catches a violent crime or terrorist act somewhere that is grate....and I always argue that if my life is clean if I have quiet conscience do I care about being watched? No not really because I don't do wrong things. This means that no one is ever totally free. That could only happen if the World went back to just a few million people across it instead of a few million people squeezed into all the big cities.

Now to blame one political party more than another in a country where there is a semblance of democracy or a benign dictator is childish thinking. Power and high office brings very little difference whoever it is. That is the modern World where we live love.

A world where people are squeezed closer together, where big coporations are global and everyone sneekily knows that their religion or not, that their social customs are the best, and on and on....if we don't find ways to tolerate, to care less about differences especially of skin color which is absolutely brainless, there will never be any sort of happiness or freedom anywhere.

Sorry, got carried away again.

Hey I have just finished reading my epic book "The Winds of War' and although I don't feel that it ended, it was a great eye opener to me. I think I gained a deeper understanding about humanity and the difficulties faced by so many people and that there isn't much hope for real peace ever.

posted by Kabu on August 27, 2016 at 4:19 PM | link to this | reply

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