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Re: Comment on British Warning
Joab, I understand your sense of the futility of human efforts to change the ways of nature.  Perhaps nothing will come of the efforts being made to reduce global climate change.  The science is very complex, yet faitly simple to understand.  Trees suck up CO2.  We cut down a large percentage of trees, we keep nature from sucking up the CO2.  Solution?  Plant trees.  Lots and lots of them, fast.

The CO2 warming the atmosphere, melting the tundra, thus releasing methane gases locked in the frost, and they in turn produce more greenhouse effects, warming the earth faster and faster.  Solution?  Stop pouring CO2 into the sky!  You drive a car?  You take a hot bath?  You cook with a microwave?  All these activities are "normal," but is natural gas, oil, coal, or gasoline is used to heat your bath, power your car, run your microwave, then the solution is, go natural.  Bath chilly.  Walk or ride a bike.  Battery powered car?  Where does the energy to charge the battery come from?  A coal burning electric utility?  Turn off the electricity. Or at least realize that each thing we do with bought energy made with carbon-based fuel is hastening the end of civilization.  You want to keep on keeping on "normally," or can you contribute to the slowdown of the climate calmity?  I chose to do little tiny things, and then express myself and spread the word. . . .   You see, it's not us that will suffer much.  It's anyone born is 20, 50, 90 years from now.   In the 1800s, slaves longed for freedom.  People with venereal diseases, kings and princes and princesses too, longed for a magic bullet that would cure their drip, their agony, their failing sight, their madness.  People hoped for a cure for polio when I was a kid.  We've profited from the efforts of people in the past. Don't we owe it to the next 5 generations to do what we can to lessen their misery?
Please, read, chat, study, find out what exactly is happening.  Then picture a kid in Ohio or Peru or Rome or Bangkok facing food shortages, thirst, terrible storms, unreliable electric power.  Higher summer temperatures and longer droughts, bigger floods. invasions by millions of people looking for food and water.  Out of work because their lands have subsided and the seas have buried their cities.  Miami!  New York!  Bangkok!  New Orleans!  The Keys, Bangladesh, Tuvalu. . . .   Will you simply walk away?
James  :Twainman)

posted by Twainman on September 30, 2009 at 2:33 AM | link to this | reply

Comment on British Warning
Que sera, sera.  There is no other way to express this reality -- yell, scream, threaten, -- whatever -- one day the world will "shrug" its shoulders and we shall all be whisked away like dandruff flakes. Who is kidding whom? ( Action/reaction,  ad infinitum.)  It's happened before.  Such is the cyclic nature of events; such is the ease in which humans tend to look for an "immediate" causal nexus.  But so much of this is -- dare I say it? -- outside of our control entirely.  Nature could flex itself in ways we may not be prepared for.  Ways that make the global warming issue of no less ultimate consequence, but relagated to the "back burner" when it comes to ultimate survival.  Sorry for the long response.  joab 

posted by joab3 on September 29, 2009 at 4:57 PM | link to this | reply

thank you

posted by Xeno-x on September 29, 2009 at 12:27 PM | link to this | reply

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