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My daughter is currently working on her Masters in ACC. Since she intends to go on eventually for her PHD in said Accounting, she is watching first hand the gender disparity. First of all, very few people graduate yearly with a PHD in ACC. One of her professors is 68 years old and was the first female to obtain in the country. I know, I couldn't believe it either. While there isn't much use for this degree, theoretically, unless you intend to teach, it is still mind boggling. She currently attends the University of Kentucky. She had recieved a full scholarship to UF for the PHD program, but due to living and traveling expenses decided to stay at close and save. She had the advantage of attending a prestigious all girls private HS where encouragement was the given and no "Girl" jokes were allowed. :) Yes she was on the Math team and thier 6 females consisted of triple the entire female representation at the State Competition. They won.

I know this is too long, but I have repeatedly seen this first hand, so my ire is up. Your posts are wonderful. Your credentials are amazing and I pale in your shadow. However, it is worth noting that in my life the following has been said to me at 6 inch range.  After graduating with an exceptional GPA and with NMF Status,( I had a perfect score in science and Math. I entered a Calculus class at UK. I was told after finding out that I was the only girl in said class that "This class is for engineers and therefore well above my probable aptitude." I was 17 and intimidated.  I have remembered that one for the last 30 years. Second. The head of the ECO department at NKU after being asked to sign my change of major form to ECO mentioned, "That I might be underestimating the complexity of Economics as a Major."  Then he read my transcripts and recomendations. I was one of only 2 females who graduated. This is not a major college by any stretch and I am working hard to help change this attitude from within, but it shows that these attitudes have not changed and are acceptable in most venues. It took me a long time to recognize my own potential. I didn't actually graduate until I was 46, this last Dec. My daughter convinced me to "grow some balls."  For years I certainly didn't want to rock any boats; I am done with that. Thank you for writing and living in a way that will show everyone that potential is not gender specific. I have another daughter for God's sake.

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