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Here's my thought, blunt and grey as it may be. And very generic.

People should not go onto others' blogs to so to speak beard them in their own den. If someone puts a rude comment in your blog, erase it and act as if they didn't exist. You might tell tbhem why what they did bothers you and ask them to stop. If they persist, report them to the blogmeisters and block them from your blog.

I think making religious slurs is uncouth and not very bright, but equating religious figures with political ones makes for dull discourse, since then any argument is heresy and heresy is usually rewarded by death.

If you want to carry a polemic on in your owen blog about someone, I think it's pretty childish but I'm not a blogmeister. The only person who tried to give me a hard time was given a sound ignoring, and gave it up.

posted by majroj on May 14, 2009 at 10:00 PM | link to this | reply

I think there is something wrong here...
If we are going to limit name should be for everyone.
If you are going to allow someone to name call political figures, you can't very well limit name calling to one's "God"... and you don't, as I have seen all types of posts and comments name calling the "Gods/Goddessess" of other religions, and nothing was done about it.

What I am talking about here... is that if one can not call someone's God an "a-hole"...then it should not be allowed to call someone's president such either, or any other religious or political figure.

You can not justify one and not the other. I don't totally agree or disagree with what has been going on...but whatever happens...I think some rules need to be redifined, and it has to be fair for EVERYONE... not just those that are Christian, or those that are living in the US, Canada, Never Never Land, or whatever.

I really think this needs to be addressed. Are only those who are actually "present" here going to be protected? Or will religious and political figures protected too? Because if they are not protected...then calling someones God an "a-hole" may be in bad taste...but not truly a violation.

And if they are protected, then the politcal blogs may have to be looked at to find similar violations.


Just my thoughts.


posted by Afzal_Sunny7 on May 13, 2009 at 9:05 PM | link to this | reply

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